Five Tips for Job References


The praise or criticism of your references can influence whether you are offered a position.  It is therefore important to consider these tips:

*Think about who you ask: You may want to ask a friend or family member that you have known personally.  However, it …

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Upcoming Meetup! Social Impact Careers and Internships


Are you interested in making a positive impact on the world? Are you interested in an internship or professional career in social justice? The Meet Up for Social Impact might be the perfect place for you to jump-start your search …

By Andrew Gupton
Andrew Gupton Career Advisor Andrew Gupton
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Start Your Job or Internship Search NOW


Do you plan on having a job or internship lined up for June 2018?  Think if you get started looking in March you’ll be way ahead of the game?  Think again!!  Recruiting has started happening earlier and earlier every year …

By Rebecca Damas
Rebecca Damas Assistant Director, Internship and Career Advisor Rebecca Damas
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Graduate School Applications: What Do They Include?

A person behind a laptop writing on a tablet.

While every program will have specific requirements, there are some common elements to grad school applications. When planning to apply to grad school, prepare to meet the following requirements for most programs:


You’ll need to send in your transcript …

By Kyle Inselman
Kyle Inselman Career Advisor Kyle Inselman
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6 Skills That Will Give You an Incredible Competitive Advantage on the Job Market

Stressful people waiting for job interview

In the past, there were a few people who were able to complete their education, become highly qualified and get good jobs. However, nowadays, the education level of the world is on the rise. So, it’s becoming hard to find …

By Branda Winters
Branda Winters
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