Office of External Fellowships

Established in 2022, the Office of External Fellowships & Scholarships supports students and recent graduates in pursuit of nationally and internationally competitive awards. In collaboration with campus and community partners, we engage students through outreach, advising, interviews, and in some cases, university endorsement to help them identify and compete for external awards.

Our Mission

The process of applying for external awards is a valuable opportunity to further DU’s commitment to holistic student development. We are committed to supporting students through this process by raising awareness of external competitions, facilitating positive mentoring relationships, and guiding applicants through meaningful reflection, decision-making, and articulation of goals. We believe that this process can play a critical role in students’ personal, intellectual, and professional growth while challenging them to be nationally and internationally competitive.


What are external fellowships?

In most cases, external fellowships and scholarships are funding, often with some programming, that can help you pursue a purposeful activity, such as research, language study, or public service. Deadlines, eligibility, criteria, and specific goals of these awards can vary dramatically. What these opportunities have in common is that they are funded by sources outside the university and involve competition at the national or international level. Some examples include:
  • Fulbright for teaching, research, or graduate study abroad
  • Truman for graduate study leading to a career in public service
  • Goldwater for undergraduate study leading to a research career in a STEM field
  • Gates Cambridge for graduate study at Cambridge University


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