Key Trends for 2018: Innovation in Educational Technology


For several years now, innovations in educational technologies (edtech) have impacted how business professionals want to learn. Edtechs such as virtual classrooms, mobile devices, digital readers, on-demand video, online gaming, and cloud-based LMSs have fed a market that has been, …

By avita dcosta
avita dcosta
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Need advice on a business career when you have a non-business major? A DU parent is here to help!


Have you thought about a career in the business world and yet you don’t think you have the right major?  Reaching out to a network of people with a common affiliation is a great way to begin.  DU offers   …

By Jane Mall
Jane Mall Career & Professional development Jane Mall
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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Disclosing Disabilities to a Potential Employer


Preparing for the interview process is challenging for everyone. Paramount to all other aspects of an interview, are honesty and authenticity on the side of both the candidate and the employer. In the job search, the candidate is a product and …

By Beth Wade
Beth Wade Assistant Director, Career & Professional Development Beth Wade
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I’m So Over On-the-Job Training. Just Let Me Do the Work!


It may be the most boring time on the job. Seemingly endless hours going through the ins’ and outs’ of what to do and how to do it. Whether it’s classroom training or shadowing, many new employees find on-the-job training (OJT) annoying. …

By Scarlet Klenn
Scarlet Klenn
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What We Can Learn From The Teachers in Australia


According to the principal of Melbourne’s St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School, Annette Rome said that “Teaching is not an easy profession in any era and I don’t think people understand that”

One out of five teachers leaving the …

By alice paul
alice paul alice paul
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