To Write or Not to Write: Things to Know about Cover Letters


So you’re getting out there on the job market. Good for you! You’re ready. You have a great deal of education behind you. You even managed to get authoritative references. You may lack job experience, but that’s something you’ll …

By Kelvin Fogarty
Kelvin Fogarty
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8 Rules You Need to Follow when Dating a Co-Worker


It is true that you can’t always help who you fall in love with, but when it is a co-worker, things can often become pretty tricky. When it comes to dating a co-worker, there are different rules that need to …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment


As a recent grad, you have probably held jobs before, but nothing that you planned on doing permanently. Now, you are out there looking for a career, and you hope to settle into one workplace. Once you find that job, …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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Money Making Ideas – Convert Hobbies Into Business


Money making is the passion of every individual, but most of them only depend on Government jobs and only a few likes to do something extraordinary. The main purpose of writing this post is to familiarize you with some money …

By Carol James
Carol James
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How to Protect your Startup from Crime

Secured data transfer

Protecting your business from crime is essential for all enterprises, no matter how long they have been operating or at what scale. With the rise of cyber crime alongside regular criminal activity, as well as white-collar crime, there is …

By Morgan Franklin
Morgan Franklin
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