Now that you’ve found an award that seems like a good fit for your goals and interests, you’ll want to think carefully about all the steps in the application process. What are the required components? How and when should you get started? We are here to help!

Get Support

No one applies for an external fellowship all on their own. If the award you are pursuing requires university nomination or endorsement, you will need to work with our office to meet campus deadlines and procedures. If it does not, you may still benefit from meeting with us to discuss your application! Schedule a 1:1 advising appointment here! We are also happy to provide small group advising if you want to bring a friend or two.  Email if you are unable to find a time that works with your schedule. 

In addition to meeting with a fellowship advisor, you can get support from your mentors – especially those writing letters of recommendation for you! You can also contact previous applicants for the award to hear about their experiences. Finally, the award you are pursuing may offer substantial support of their own, from advice on their websites to virtual office hours. 

Whatever the source of your support, remember that the application you submit should be your own, and reflect your own ideas, ambitions, and authentic voice. 


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