“Why not? It’s just coffee.” How One Conversation Changed My Life.

jackie w.students

Looking back, I’m not sure if I ever fully understood the impact that education could have on an individual’s future. I accepted all the educational opportunities that were given to me knowing that college would eventually be the gateway to …

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6 Times The Office Understood the Job Search Process

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It is time consuming and can be stressful

2. Entry level job? “Must have 3 years’ worth of experience to apply”

3. Seeing how many employers will be at the career fair

4. When you didn’t realize there was preparation …

By Gabriella Gullia
Gabriella Gullia Graduate Fellow, Career Services Gabriella Gullia
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How to Cultivate a Bountiful Professional Network


Did you know that many of your existing contacts should be part of your career development network? 

As a career professional, your goal is to develop these relationships into catalysts that help you achieve your career goals. Most professionals will attest that a robust network …

By Toni Phelan
Toni Phelan Assistant Director, Daniels Undergraduate Career Services Toni Phelan
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Top Ways DU Grads Find Jobs

How Grads Find Jobs-HP

What are the most effective job search strategies for DU graduates? According to data collected from 2014 grads, the top two strategies include networking with personal and professional contacts followed by directly applying to target organizations. With that in mind, …

By Heidi Perman
Heidi Perman Executive Director, Career & Professional Development Heidi Perman
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Thinking about working at a Startup? Pay Attention.

Thinking about working at a Startup? Pay Attention. thumbnail image

Working at a Startup

Unanimously hailed as the cradle of invention and innovation in 21st century America, startup fever has gripped the nation. From Silicon Valley (San Francisco) to Silicon Alley (New York), the brightest minds compete to work for …

By Phil Strazzulla
Phil Strazzulla Founder & CEO Phil Strazzulla
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