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The Office of Scholar Development & Fellowship Advising provides direct support to DU students and recent graduates applying for nationally and internationally competitive awards. We can help applicants search for and identify fellowships that are a good fit for their goals and interests and provide feedback on application drafts. Our office organizes campus competitions for awards that require nomination or university endorsement, and we work closely with nominees to revise and polish applications and prepare for national interviews. 

We also offer workshops and information sessions to raise awareness of these awards, including classroom visits. Finally, we provide training and support to staff and faculty who wish to learn more about external fellowships, to enhance their advising, and to strengthen their letters of recommendation. 


Who We Are

Lindsay Lawton

Office of External Fellowships
  • Director of Scholar Development & Fellowship Advising University of Denver

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Suite 3100
Community Commons
2055 E Evans Ave
Denver, CO 80210