5 ways to continue advancing in your career

There are multiple ways to advance your career, and choosing the right strategies can help you rise in the ranks at your current workplace or discover new opportunities elsewhere. Regardless of your chosen approach, continuously advancing your career requires hard …

By College Recruiter
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Navigating Generational Diversity, Part 1: Why do Generational Differences Matter in the Workplace?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of “generational diversity,” you’re probably not alone. For all the focus on diversity and inclusion in the legal industry, this is one form that has received far less attention. And while generational diversity is, …

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Get the Most Out of Your Job Interview with These Questions

During a job interview, you can expect to be asked all kinds of questions about your education, experience, and skills. At a certain point, the interviewer will shift gears and ask if you have any questions for them, which gives …

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Changes That 2023 Is Bringing To The Job Search Process

If you’ve been in the job market since the 90s, you have definitely noticed a lot of changes in the job search process. From decade to decade, year to year, the system is changing, and people are changing too!


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What to Say in Interviews After Your Position Was Eliminated

Getting laid off can feel like the end of the world… But it’s far from it. 

Feeling nervous about losing your job isn’t uncommon. In fact, 78 percent of Americans are worried about losing their jobs, so you’re just a …

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8 Job Search Mistakes to Avoid (And What to Do Instead)

There are tons of good (and not-so-good) advice out there that can guide you through the job search, but none of them can guarantee you’ll get a new role. For every cover letter template and resume format guide you read, …

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There Is Still a Stigma Surrounding Resume Gaps. Learn How To Answer It

If years are missing from your resume, you’re not alone. In fact, 59 percent of Americans have experienced a gap in their resumes at some point in time.

Sure, there’s a myriad of reasons why you might have a gap …

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Don’t Ruin Your Reputation – Learn How to Resign the Right Way

When you’re ready to resign from a job, you might be feeling any number of ways. Perhaps you’re on good terms with your team but are simply ready for a new challenge. Or maybe you’re at odds with the company …

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How to Answer the “Why Are You Interested in This Role?” Question

Interviewing for a new job? You’ve done half of the hard part – applying for the job and landing the interview. Now, you have to prepare for it.

Practicing common interview questions is one surefire way to prepare for the …

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How to Keep Your Professional Knowledge and Skills Relevant

In a professional setting, it can be easy to fall into a routine, which can lead to stagnation in your career trajectory and growth. This is not just true for individuals but also for organizations. In fact, according to a …

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