How to Highlight Transferable Skills on Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile When Changing Industries

According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, around four percent of workers, on average, changed industries every month from 2019 to 2021. What’s more, in 2021, around five percent of employees found new occupations. Though these percentages …

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How to Answer “Why Are You No Longer with Your Previous Company?” in an Interview

There are many reasons not to quit your current job before you have another one lined up.

For one, you may not know precisely what you’re dissatisfied with in your current role, and without being able to pinpoint the issue, …

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How to find the perfect job fit after college

Landing your first job after college might seem daunting, but making the right preparations can make the search
faster and more effective. More importantly, finding the right job can help you in many ways. Apart from having a
steady paycheck, …

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Resume Mistakes: 3 Ways You’re Burying the Lede

In journalism, an article is said to be “burying the lede” when it does not place the most important part of the story close to or at the beginning of the story.

This is considered ineffective because it is a …

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Meet our Student Employees & Supervisor of the Year!

The Student Employment team invites all student employees, supervisors and supporters (including family and friends) to celebrate virtually with us as we honor our Student Employees of the Year, Caris Fox and Susan Cossa, and our Supervisor of the Year, Emily Schosid, and recognize all of this year’s nominees!

By Elise Goss-Alexander
Elise Goss-Alexander Assistant Director, Student Employment
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Why Employers Respect Candidates Who Negotiate

Negotiation is a skill that employers respect, even if they don’t necessarily have the wiggle room in the company’s budget to pay you what you’re asking. But negotiating is one of those things that’s easier explained than done. Negotiating can …

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Steps To Decide If a Career Change Makes Sense For You

The path to a successful and happy career is not always clear. Expectations and reality often don’t align, and priorities can change as professionals mature within their industry of choice. While some people choose to push forward in pursuit of …

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OPM Launches a New Web Portal for Federal Internships

By Erich Wagner, from Government Executive

The federal government’s HR agency describes the new section of USAJOBS as a “one-stop shop” for students seeking to explore a career in public service.

The Office of Personnel Management on Thursday launched a …

By Korbel Careers
Korbel Careers
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How to Ask for a Promotion the Right Way

After a certain amount of time, you might start to feel as though you need a new challenge at work. If you’re always on time and you’re more than adept at completing your day-to-day tasks, you’re probably ready for the …

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Qualified Applicants Only: Don’t Be Intimidated By A Job Description

According to a recent survey shared in the Wall St Journal, job seekers spent an average of only 49.7 seconds reading a job description before dismissing a position as a poor fit. If job seeker feels that they don’t have …

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