Job Searching with a Chosen/Preferred Name

It’s the first thing you type in an application form, the biggest text on your resume, and the first thing a potential employer learns about you: your name. What captures us more succinctly and wholly than our name? It’s more …

By Kyle Inselman
Kyle Inselman Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development
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The Art of Discussing Salary During the Interview

We’ve always been told that it is never a good idea to discuss salary during an interview. But, this is not actually always the case. There are instances where you can, and should discuss salaries, but you need to know …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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Job Offers: 5 Things to Consider

Congratulations! You have a job offer. What to do next? You will likely have to live with the salary for at least a year so now is the time to think about the offer!

Do research on the salary range …

By Patty Hickman
Patty Hickman Director, Graduate Career & Professional Development
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7 Daily Affirmations for Frustrated Job Seekers

Once upon a time . . .
I was invited into a final round of interviews for my next dream job. Like a good lil’ candidate, I went straight to LinkedIn to research my interviewers and prepare for who I would be speaking with. For …

By Beth Wade
Beth Wade Assistant Director, Career & Professional Development
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How to Choose Between a Career in Private or Public Accounting

The realm of accounting offers substantial career choices for those seeking it.  Accountants are vital to a business because they collect, analyze, and organize financial findings so as to steer a company into making wise financial decisions.  Other duties of …

By Bryce Welker
Bryce Welker CEO
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Building Your LinkedIn Profile? Don’t Forget Your Headline & Summary!

LinkedIn profiles, on the surface, seem quite similar to a resume. Your profile should list education and degrees earned, your professional experiences (from research positions to internships), and your skills. It sounds a lot like the basic structure of a one-page …

By Kimberly English
Kimberly English Career Advisor
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Great Jobs to Consider If You Have Good Communication Skills

Do you have a knack for talking? Are you able to get your points across in an effective and comprehensive manner that allows you to effortlessly describe concepts and ideas, regardless of who’s on the receiving end? If so, then …

By Brenda Berg
Brenda Berg
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3 Ways to Improve and Expand Your Network

Networking can lead to new opportunities for you and your career, help you branch out to new people and industries and more. However, if networking doesn’t come naturally to you, it can be challenging to figure out how, when and …

By Rachel Stones
Rachel Stones Writer
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Must Have Resources For Students Going into Health and Human Services

If you’re considering a career in health and human services, there are several resources to support you in learning more about the industry, as well as, the job or internship search. Common job titles include social worker, therapist, counselor, public …

By Carolyn Sommers
Carolyn Sommers Associate Director, Serves CAHSS & Exploring Students
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How to Include Honors and Awards in Your Resume

If you are a student or a recent graduate trying to find work, you may not have a lot of experience to list on your resume. But you do have other achievements and accomplishments to show that you are a …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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