Location vs. Job Opportunity – Which factors should you consider?

Though the job market seems tough to break into for recent grads, young professionals are increasingly picky with entry-level opportunities. With more career sites offering filtered searches based on everything from career level to industry, graduates feel a sense of entitlement …

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Seven Tips for a Successful Career Fair Experience!


The DU Career and Internship Fair is next Wednesday! Here are some tips for making the most out of the opportunity to meet 70+ employers from many different industries looking for interns, entry-level and mid-upper level employees.

Know your goals: …

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To Accept or Not Accept? Get your salary questions answered!

Payment day

Do you know what to do next once you’ve been offered a position? Plan ahead so you make the choices and negotiations that are best for your career! This Wednesday, October 8 from 4-5:30pm a panel of representatives from numerous …

By Helena Karchere
Helena Karchere Career Services Marketing and Events Manager Helena Karchere
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Ease Into Networking Through Informational Interviews


We hear and read about it all the time…”you must network for career success”! But many people are overwhelmed with the idea of networking and are not sure where to start. Informational interviewing allows a conversation to happen, usually 1-on-1, …

By Mary Michael Hawkins
Mary Michael Hawkins Director, Career & Professional Development Mary Michael Hawkins
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School’s out Forever: Finding the full-time job that’s right for you

A guest post by Corinne Shalvoy, Staffing Consultant for Level 3 Communications

“Back to School” is on many of our minds, at the moment. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers (or no kids at all), one cannot escape the slew …

By Corinne Shalvoy
Corinne Shalvoy Staffing Consultant
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Networking – blah, blah blah! What is it really?

Networking – blah, blah blah! (Anyone want to hang out instead? That sounds like more fun!)

You’ve probably heard ‘you should network’ from your parents, your teachers, and old Uncle Charlie in Chicago (They probably smile wisely when they tell …

By John Haag
John Haag Internship Director and Career Counselor John Haag
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Employer Tips: Answering Tough Interview Questions – Strengths and Weaknesses


An employer guest post from Kimberly Lucas, President/Chief People Connector at Goldstone Partners, Inc.

At Goldstone Partners, Inc. we get to help people with their careers everyday – encouraging, coaching, preparing and nagging. I thought you might like some help getting ready for …

By Kimberly Lucas
Kimberly Lucas President/Chief People Connector
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Internship Insights: Nika Girenko Jump-Starts Her Medical Career

DU medical internships

Interview with Nika Girenko, majors in biology and psychology and minor in chemistry, Class of 2014
Intern with MedAdvance

Tell us about your internship. What is your role there?

Our facility is a cadaver lab and many organizations rent out our …

By Helena Karchere
Helena Karchere Career Services Marketing and Events Manager Helena Karchere
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Making a Strong Introduction

Making a Strong Intro pic

The best way to guarantee a company remembers you (in a good way) is to make a strong introduction when you arrive. You will never get back a first impression and the last thing you want to do is blend …

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How To Find a Part-Time Job as a Student

now hiring

Many DU students choose to work while taking classes.  While some students are pursuing internships related to their majors, others are looking for a part-time job to earn some extra cash.

Jobs and internships can be a great opportunity to …

By Lindsey Day
Lindsey Day Alumni Career Counselor Lindsey Day
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