Your Résumé – Is it Good Enough to Get You the Interview?

resume – will it get you a job

Since the chances of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are slim to none, employment is a necessary alternative. To get the job, of course, you need to interview for it. To get the interview, you need a résumé — A GREAT …

By Parham [uConnect]
Parham [uConnect] Parham [uConnect]
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So you want to be a teacher in Colorado?


With all of the information that’s out there, this post will help you navigate the world of teaching and help you reach your goal of becoming a licensed teacher in Colorado.

Initial Teaching Certificate

The first step to becoming a …

By Matt Keller
Matt Keller Co founder
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Forget the Career Ladder—You’re Climbing a Rock Wall

rock climbing wall_3

We’re all familiar with the phrase “climbing the career ladder.” We’ve heard it uttered by our parents, significant other, the media and even in cinematic masterpieces. But let’s face it, your career path might look more like the gym’s rock wall than the sturdy steel structure you’ve envisioned. …

By Maria Kuntz
Maria Kuntz Assistant Director, Advancement Marketing Maria Kuntz
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Networking?!? I Would Rather Give Up Chocolate Forever


Many people would rather give up a favorite thing in their life than spend time networking. Reports vary, but it is commonly noted that around 80% of all jobs are acquired through networking. Once you are employed, the networking continues. Now is …

By Mary Michael Hawkins
Mary Michael Hawkins Director, Career & Professional Development Mary Michael Hawkins
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Backpacks to Briefcases Boot Camp


On February 4, Daniels Career Services hosted the Backpacks to Briefcases Boot Camp, a new program open to all undergraduate students at the University of Denver. The career preparation event was part of the Backpacks to Briefcases program, which features …

By Toni Phelan
Toni Phelan Assistant Director, Daniels Undergraduate Career Services Toni Phelan
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Alex and Maddy Hasulak Make Forbes 30 Under 30


As juniors at the University of Denver, Alex Hasulak (BSBA 2008) and Maddy (D’Amato) Hasulak (BA 2008) discovered they were on to something with Maddy’s mom’s homemade granola recipe—which they made in between classes and passed out to friends and …

By Toni Phelan
Toni Phelan Assistant Director, Daniels Undergraduate Career Services Toni Phelan
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Dispelling Myths About Careers in Forensic Psychology

forensic psychology_thumb

Fictional crime shows like Criminal Minds, CSI, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent have become pop culture staples. We love watching sharp-minded criminal profilers, detectives, and forensic psychologists dive into the underbelly of the criminal world and solve those deliciously …

By Rebecca Turley
Rebecca Turley Editor
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Denver Career Center

21 Questions You Should Ask in a Job Interview: Hint, it’s all about them, not you. Follow Mark Cendella on The Ladders for more great content like this.

$alary and Compen$ation: Evaluating Job Offers

job evaluation

Lucky you!  You’ve landed a job offer…or more than one! Now – how do you evaluate this offer and know whether you need to get more information or request some changes in that offer?  Here’s a few things to remember …

By Rebecca Damas
Rebecca Damas Assistant Director, Internship and Career Advisor Rebecca Damas
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Women in Comms Networking Breakfast: Building Your Brand

women in comms logo

Supporting women in the next-gen communications industry is a multi-faceted issue that includes everything from young girls in STEM to recruiting processes to company cultures, practices and policies. But, for our first Women in Comms breakfast of 2016 — and …

By Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas Director
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