Resources for an Organized Job Search Process

If the job search process stresses you out enough to need a hot pink straight jacket and sparkly helmet, then listen up. Finding your next job does not have to be such an arduous task, at least not when it …

By Alyssa Bekerman
Alyssa Bekerman
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How to Write a Cover Letter for Internships

Are you interested in taking on an internship while you are in college? If so, you can’t just walk in and expect to get the job. You need to apply like you would for any paying job, which means that …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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The top 3 reasons you’re not getting job interviews

Getting that first interview is usually the most exciting part of the job application process. You’ve done your research and spent days, sometimes even weeks perfecting your CV and cover letter. And then, the waiting game.

But have you ever …

By Amanda Casela
Amanda Casela Blogger & Digital Marketer
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Preparing the Perfect Pitch: Strategies for answering “tell me about yourself”

“Tell me a little bit about yourself.”

It’s something we have all been asked at one time or another, and we have all responded to this question with varying levels of success. It’s a tough question to tackle, at first …

By Kimberly English
Kimberly English Career Advisor
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Translating Your Classroom Experience to the Job Search

What does a typical day look like for you?

It’s a question that comes up quite often in student appointments, particularly as they begin researching career opportunities and start assessing whether or not they envision themselves in a particular role. …

By Kimberly English
Kimberly English Career Advisor
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The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living: Tools for Self-Knowledge

Socrates said, ‘the unexamined life is not worth living.’

If this proclamation is indeed true, then where does one begin to excavate these multiple dimensions of their life? And, more than that, what is the point?

Well, from the perspective …

By Carolyn Sommers
Carolyn Sommers Associate Director, Serves Undergraduate CAHSS & Exploring Students
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The Role of a Master Resume in Your Job Application Process

What do you do when you start working on a new resume? Let me guess—you look up a template and start filling in the blanks, maybe copy/pasting from a resume you’ve used before. It’s a common strategy, but one with …

By Kyle Inselman
Kyle Inselman Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development
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The Best Way to Figure Out if a Company’s Truly Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

You want to work at a company that genuinely values diversity and inclusion, but it can be hard to separate reality from myth. How do you know if your prospective employer authentically believes in these values, or is just saying …

By Ronie Kononova
Ronie Kononova Student Marketing Assistant
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Crafting Your Personal Brand

Whether you realize it or not, everyone has a personal brand. The ubiquity of social media today makes it relatively impossible to fly under the radar. The question is whether or not you take the time to actively cultivate and …

By Grace Goodman
Grace Goodman Assistant Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development
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Career Spotlight: Event Planning

If you’ve ever considered a career in event planning, now would be a great time to act on that interest. As more people follow the trend of spending money on experiences rather than things, there’s a greater demand for quality …

By Cara
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