Setting up Automatic Internship or Job Search Filters and Alerts on PCO (Korbel MA Students)

To maximize your searches on PCO, make sure to set up saved searches and alerts to help ensure you are the first to know about that perfect internship or job opportunity!

  1. Log on to PCO, and select “Job Board” from the left-hand menu.
  2. Set up the filters based on the type of internship or job you are searching for. For example, perhaps you are interested in internships only in Washington DC. Select the arrow next to City, add Washington DC; for Type of Job, select Internship. The Add Filters function allows you to get as specific as you would like, adding filters for industry, position title, paid or unpaid, and more.
  3. Once you have filters set based on your criteria, on the bottom left corner, select “Turn on email alerts for this search.” On the bottom right corner click “My Saved Searches & Alerts” to rename, edit or delete your saved alert.
  4. Have questions? Email us at or schedule an appointment with an OCPD Advisor to help develop your search strategy.
By Korbel Careers
Korbel Careers