OPM Launches a New Web Portal for Federal Internships

By Erich Wagner, from Government Executive

The federal government’s HR agency describes the new section of USAJOBS as a “one-stop shop” for students seeking to explore a career in public service.

The Office of Personnel Management on Thursday launched a new portal as part of USAJOBS for students interested in applying for internships at federal agencies, billed as a “one-stop shop” for those interested in exploring a career in government.

The new portal filters federal job advertisements by those available to current high school, university or graduate program students, and it allows potential applicants to sort openings by agency, salary and General Schedule pay grade, and location. Individual listings also state the length of the internship program, expected hours from participants, as well as whether interns could be converted to full-time positions upon the completion of their degree.

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By Korbel Careers
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