Participate in the 2022 Fall SkillSurvey Performance Evaluation Process

The Office of Student Employment is preparing the 2022 Fall SkillSurvey Performance Evaluation process for student employees. Please see here for an example of a SkillSurvey report.

In effort to provide our students with quality feedback needed for success as they prepare to enter the workforce and begin careers & lives of purpose, the Office of Student Employment uses SkillSurvey for Career Readiness, an online tool for student employee performance evaluations. This initiative uses HR technology to deliver valuable insights into student competencies, which explore and grow skills across the dimensions of the 4D experience, while streamlining and standardizing the evaluation process.

In 10 minutes with 2 steps, supervisors, and other evaluators (including peers and colleagues), provide students with:

  • Feedback on their work-related student employment experience
  • Ratings on behaviors related to the eight NACE career readiness competencies
  • Insights into their unique strengths and areas of improvement

The SkillSurvey Evaluation process replaces paper or PDF evaluations and provides student employees with common language and information on their work performance and career readiness. In addition, the process helps facilitate feedback and conversations between supervisors and student employees.

2022 Fall SkillSurvey Evaluation Timeline:

  • August 23rd: Email supervisors to request participation
  • October 3rd: Email Communication to Student Employees and Supervisors
  • October 10th-14th: Information Sessions (how to prepare / what to expect with the system)
  • October 14th: Evaluations Sent
  • November 4th: Evaluations Complete
  • November 7th: Reports Released
  • November 14th-November 22nd: 1:1 Debrief Meetings

You are invited participate in this process, at no cost to your department. Sign-up to participate by completing the requested information in the Qualtrics link by September 30th. If you are a unit contact adding information on behalf of multiple supervisors/student employees, please let the supervisors know they do not need to submit the Qualtrics form as well.

Contact Kirsten Crissman ( with any questions.

By Stacey Stevens
Stacey Stevens Director of Student Employment