2022 Summer Internship Award Program

The Summer Internship Award Program through Career & Professional Development is now live and ready for applicants! The Summer Internship Award Program is designed to increase the ability for students to participate in internship opportunities that are unpaid. Internships may be on or off the DU campus. The deadline to apply is 4/15/22 @ 5 pm. Filling out an application will make you eligible for any of the below internships for which you qualify!

The program will award undergraduate students with awards ranging from $2,500-$3,400, depending on the award origin (the Career & Professional Development Award, the Sturm Award, the Denenberg Family Award, or the CAHSS Award).

A Selection Committee will review the applications and essays and will notify students via email to let them know whether or not they have been selected to receive the award.


  • Internships must be unpaid and a minimum of 200 hours during the summer of 2022.
  • Internships may be on or off the DU campus.
  • Students must be undergraduates. Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Currently enrolled at DU full-time and must maintain their undergraduate status through the summer by registering as a full-time student in the Fall Quarter of 2022.
  • If the internship is outside of the U.S., the internship must be registered and approved through DU Passport.
  • Students enrolled in a 3/2 or 4/1 graduate program are not eligible if they have started their graduate work.
  • Students doing a research project with a University of Denver Professor or DU affiliated organization such as the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute are not eligible to apply. For more information regarding a grant program designed specifically for research at DU, please visit the Undergraduate Research Center website.
  • In order to give more students the opportunity for funding, previous award recipients of any of the Summer Internship Award Programs noted above are not eligible to apply again.
  • University College undergraduates are not eligible.
  • It is recommended that students have already accepted and secured a summer internship by the application deadline.
  • Students who have not secured an internship by the application deadline may still apply but must be in active pursuit of an internship opportunity. Receipt of the award money will be contingent upon finding a summer internship no later than June 1, 2022.  

Taking this internship for academic credit is optional. Students who would like to get academic credit for their internship must meet all eligibility requirements established by their academic department. Students are responsible for finding a faculty advisor in their academic department and obtaining approval to receive academic credit for their internship prior to the start of their internship.

How Recipients Are Selected 

Recipients are selected through a committee process with applications remaining anonymous. Recipients are evaluated on the quality of the essay as it relates to clarity of thought and expression, proper grammar and writing mechanics as well as addressing the content and skills listed above. Additional criteria which may be considered include prior academic performance and/or financial need.

Depending on the award origin (Career & Professional Development Award, the Denenberg Family Award, or the CAHSS Award), a student’s major, department and GPA will be taken into account. Students will be considered for all awards for which they are eligible through this one application.

No person shall be discriminated against in any condition of employment because of race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital status, or veteran status.

Requirements of Award Recipients

Students who receive the grant will be required to:

  • Sign an Internship Agreement for the Summer Internship Award Program.
  • Arrange to meet with Sarabeth Morofsky in Career & Professional Development to sign the Internship Agreement and to review additional instructions. (virtual)
  • Submit a signed letter from internship employer verifying the student’s unpaid status and the number of hours they will be expected to work (a minimum of 200 hours is required). This letter will be due by 4:30 pm June 1st, 2022. (virtual signatures will be accepeted) 
  • Write a reflection paper upon completion of their internship and submit it by email to sarabeth.morofsky@du.edu by first Monday of fall quarter.

Submit your application through Pioneer Careers Online. Click here to check out the requirements and apply. You may also find the application by selecting “OCI and Job Listings” on PCO then searching for “2022 Summer Internship Award Program”.

Please contact Sarabeth Morofsky (sarabeth.morofsky@du.edu) with any questions.

By Sarabeth Morofsky
Sarabeth Morofsky Associate Director, Career & Professional Development