Korbel MA Students: Fellowship Timelines

Korbel graduate students often are interested in the fellowships and nationally competitive merit award during their time at Korbel or following graduation to begin their careers. The Office of Career and Professional Development at the Korbel School is here to help with the rigorous application process these fellowships and programs have. It is crucial students are well prepared for the application, and an important piece of that is knowing the timeline competitive applications have.


Fulbright is a nine-month program for funded research or teaching abroad. The application deadline is typically in September, meaning students need to prepare their materials throughout the Summer, including asking faculty for letters of recommendation.

NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP)

The National Nuclear Security Administration Graduate Fellowship Program, often referred to as NGFP, is a year long appointment to the NNSA and is a great entry point for the federal security sector. The application deadline is the beginning of October. Students need to be preparing materials throughout the Summer, including recommendation letters from faculty.

Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF)

The Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) is a two-year leadership training program in the federal government sector that leads to employment with the federal government nearly 100% of the time. The application opens at the end of September and is closes about three weeks after.

Critical Language Fellowship

The Critical Language Fellowship allows students to take summer language classes abroad in one of the ten critical languages to U.S. National Security. Although the application is not due until November, students do need faculty recommendation letters.

McCain Strategic Defense Fellowship

The McCain Strategic Defense Fellowship is a one-year civilian leadership development program for a career track in DoD leadership. The application is opens in November and will be due at the beginning of December. In addition to the application, students need to present academic writing samples and recommendation letters.

Boren Fellowship

The Boren Fellowship is a six-twelve month funded foreign language study abroad program. The fellowship can be combined with research, an internship or coursework. The application is quite extensive, so although it is not due until January if interested students should get a start on it as soon as possible.

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