Korbel MA Students: Don’t forget about the LinkedIn Group for Korbel!

The Josef Korbel School of International Studies has a deep network of alumni working across the world for a wide array of organizations. From federal and foreign governments, to local NGOs, the Korbel alumni community is one that current students should be using for networking and gain access to the industry of their dreams! As the world continues to go digital, now is the time to expand your professional network online.

On LinkedIn, the Josef Korbel School of International Studies has over 2,400 alumni connections. Current students can make use of this network to learn more about a city, company, industry or role an alumnus currently has that interests them. If you are not following the Josef Korbel School on LinkedIn, send an invitation now and explore what the network can provide you. If you have not made an account on LinkedIn before, or think your account could use some improving, schedule an appointment with one of our advisors on PCO to get some tips and tricks to make your profile stand out.

By Korbel Careers
Korbel Careers