Job & Internship Search Strategy – Follow the Money (Development/Human Rights) (Korbel MA Students)

You know about USAID, but did you know that most federally funded development programs are contracted out to non-profit organizations and for-profit companies? Many of these organizations are major employers in the field of development and human rights. Some of these organizations even subcontract out some of their projects to smaller organizations, located both in the U.S. and abroad. All these organizations from the smallest to the largest manage programs in a variety of interesting areas. A little bit of research can help you broaden your job and internship search to organizations you’ve never even heard of before! Check out these links of top USAID awardees to get started, and don’t forget to look up who these organizations might subcontract with as well! Informational interviews with staff in the field can also be a great way to get this information.

You can also find more information at although it is not the easiest site to navigate.

By Heather Rutherford
Heather Rutherford Career Advisor