Resources to Strengthen Data Analysis Skills (Korbel MA Students)

By Arianna Carlson, B.A. International Studies student and Jamie Polliard, OCPD Internship Program & Office Manager

Having strong data analysis skills is an important skill set for many careers in international relations. The ability to present complicated statistics in a digestible way can be an invaluable asset while conducting research, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, and making policy recommendations. These resources can deepen your knowledge base and allow you to apply state-of-the-art methodological skills to a wide variety of topic areas.

Excel is one of the most commonly used platforms across different industries. These resources and tutorials can help you become more familiar with the powerful features of Excel.

Adobe Creative Suite is another platform that can assist with data presentation. Adobe Creative Suite offers a trove of resources that can be used while compiling and visualizing data. If you’re new to the Adobe Suite, offers a variety of courses to help you find your bearings.

Tableau is another great platform to use for data visualization. The streamlined platform enables users of all abilities to find a learning method that works best for them.

These courses offer an introduction into effective ways to communicate large amounts of data. Utilizing the Tableau platform, the courses are intended for anyone looking to improve their data communication skills.

Python can be intimidating but these introductory tutorials will help even the most novice of coders find a place to start. Python can be a wonderful platform for data analysis and comfort with the platform can be a major asset when working in research or data-centric positions.

Stata offers a platform to visualize and better analyze data. As a leading platform in social science fields, being familiar with Stata is a great skill to be able to add to your resume.

R Programming Language is a must in data-centric roles. When working with large data sets, this platform can help you create accurate graphics to represent data. These online courses offer resources to gain an understanding of the program.

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By Jamie Polliard
Jamie Polliard Internship Program & Office Manager