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In addition to the trainings we offer each quarter for student employees and their supervisors, we can also come present on the professional development topic of your choice in your staff meeting or other gathering! If you’d like to request a training for student employees on your team, contact us at

Topics might include:

  • Get a Student Job: In this training, students will learn how to identify and apply to student employment positions relevant to their needs and their professional goals.  
  • Working Remotely: Students will identify common challenges in remote work and learn strategies for managing this work while maintaining professional community. 
  • Time Management Strategies: Students will identify challenges to time management and learn tools for overcoming them.
  • Presentation Skills: Students will find their unique voice, learn strategies for coping with public speaking anxiety, and build skills for crafting engaging and inclusive presentations.
  • Supervising Up: Students will identify their own workstyle, communication style, and conflict style and how these align with their supervisors. 
  • Authentic Professionalism: Students will learn how to identify professionalism norms in their workplace and develop strategies for navigating their personal and professional identities. 
  • Managing Stress & Work: Students will learn about the common causes and symptoms of stress for student employees, and identify strategies for managing and communicating about their stress and mental health. 
  • Performance Reviews 101: Students will learn how to prepare for feedback and performance reviews, how to receive both positive and negative feedback, and how to implement this feedback moving forward. 
  • Navigating Conflict: Student will learn strategies for dealing with work place conflict with both peers and supervisors. They will also learn about campus resources that can assist them through these conflicts.
  • Leading at All Levels: Students will learn how to lead and be heard from any level.
  • Outlook for Beginners: Tips and tricks from our favorite mailing system! Students will learn basic functions of outlook as well as some special features including quick parts, delay send, and more. Included in this training will be email writing basics.
  • Creating Your Career Narrative: Students will identify transferable career skills they use in their student employment and learn how to communicate the value of these skills to future employers through resumes, cover letters, and interviews. As part of this process, students will  how to situate themselves within a career narrative leading to their professional goals.
  • Resumes, Cover Letters, or Interviewing: Students will advance their skills in resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and/or networking. 

Got other ideas for a training? Let us know!

By Elise Goss-Alexander
Elise Goss-Alexander Assistant Director of Student Employment