Korbel MA Students: Resources to Expand Project Management Skills

By Arianna Carlson, B.A. International Studies student & OCPD Office Support Team Member,  and Jamie Polliard, OCPD Internship Program & Office Manager

Careers in international affairs require diligent leaders who bring a variety of skills that can help them manage projects and teams located around the world. When competing with similar applicants for the same position, finding skills that push your application to the top can be a challenge. Gaining skills in project management can provide that competitive advantage. GSIS alumni share with us all the time how important it has been to their career success to have these skills!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to take Project Management courses offered through Korbel or are interested in supplementing you knowledge, we have compiled a list of some online courses that offer the opportunity to develop relevant skills that can help prepare you for professional success.

Fundamentals of Project Management from Coursera

→ Coursera teaches skills relating to project development and risk assessment, providing skills that can be used in all projects, personal, professional, and international. At an introductory level, the course will guide you through necessary foundational skills for facilitating successful projects. (Duration: 9 hours; Fee but financial aid available)

EdxCourse on Project Management

→ The EdxCourse on project management centers around goal setting and execution for successful projects. In addition to the planning and analysis that can be done by a project manager, the course explores leadership and collaboration to enable cohesive teams, even as we collaborate from a distance. (Duration: 6 weeks; Free but cost for optional certificate)

Alison course on Project Management

→ This course dives into the phases which enable a successful project. Focusing on project analysis, planning, design, and evaluation, the Alison course offers a well-rounded approach to project management. (Duration: 10-15 hours; Free)

Global Knowledge course on Project Management

→ The Global Knowledge course focuses on training students to manage timely and cost-effective projects. Offering licensure in project management from a data-driven and analytical perspective, the program seeks to enable individuals to lead successful projects which result in high quality outcomes. (Various courses; Fee based)

Project Management Guide

→ Wrike offers project management skills for the current, demanding business atmosphere. These skills center on the importance of timelines, budgets, goals, and stakeholders while enabling future project managers to take on the leadership role needed to guide their team to success. (Various courses; Free and fee-based options)

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By Jamie Polliard
Jamie Polliard Internship Program & Office Manager Jamie Polliard