Korbel MA Students: Explore global projects in Dev, HR, and HA through Interaction’s NGO Aid Map

If you are interested in International Development and Human Rights, you should definitely check out the NGO Aid Map. This website compiles more than 600+ projects being conducted by major international NGOs around the world. You can search by sectors of work, organizations, and countries. So, how can you use this as a graduate student besides just broadening your knowledge of the field?

  1. If you are still deciding your area of focus, consider studying areas in high demand for global projects. Currently health, education, agriculture, economics and WASH are among the sectors with the most projects, meaning that is where most international donor dollars are being directed.
  2. If you have a specific language skill or regional focus, look at those countries/regions to get a sense of the types of projects being done there so you can develop your technical skills accordingly.
  3. If you see an interesting project or organization, check their websites to see if they have any internships or job postings that do not appear on larger posting sites.
  4. If they don’t have anything posted, reach out to the organizations with a brief introductory email, expressing interest in one of their projects, and asking if they might be open to hosting you as an intern.
By Heather Rutherford
Heather Rutherford Career Advisor