Supervisors Achieve Series: Winter 2021

For any and all on-campus supervisors (staff and faculty!). Trainings are available at the times below as well as on-demand. If the pre-scheduled time does not work for you, we can work with you on a time that does. Check out our previous trainings from Fall 2020! And share the Student Employees Achieve Series with your student employees and encourage attendance for their professional development!

Monday, 1/29 @ 12 pm | How to Successfully Go from Individual Contributor to Manager | Register (please pre-register)

Check out this relevant Career Skills Conference topic for student employee first-time supervisors. As a first-time manager, you may feel a little lost trying to get results while being the boss people want to work with. Unsure of how hard to push, unclear on how to navigate conflict, and uncertain about the mysteries of delegation, you may be doubting you will succeed at this next step in your career. In this fast-paced, interactive session, you’ll learn that everything you’re feeling is normal and it’s actually a sign you’re on the path towards becoming a great manager.

Tuesday, 2/9 @ 4 pm | Supervising Student Employees | Register via Zoom (please pre-register)

Supervising others is a big responsibility and learning how to do so effectively is key to making any supervisory relationship work. In this training, you’ll learn about the unique development stages of students, how to structure meaningful experiences for students, as well as coaching techniques. We will share Guided Reflection on Work (GROW®) questions for annual performance conversations as well as reflection questions to use consistently in your one-on-one meetings. Supervisory strategies addressed: Communication, Coaching/Empowering, DEI.

Wednesday, 2/17 @ 12 pm | PioneerTime Training | Register via Human Resources

Offered by our campus partner, Shared Services, this training will help you navigate PioneerTime, learn timekeeping rules and supervisor responsibilities, and approve timecards for your student employees.

Tuesday, 2/16 @ 4:00 pm | Crucial Conversations: How to Talk to Coworkers When Emotions are Strong and the Stakes are High | Register via Zoom (please pre-register)

Difficulties and conflicts arise at work, just as they do in everyday life. It’s natural—we’re only human! However, at work, the stakes may seem really high. How often have you put off a challenging conversation because you were worried about how it would go? And isn’t it even harder now that work is increasingly taking place in the virtual world? Wouldn’t you like to be able to transform unpleasant emotions into powerful dialogue? Join Paula Staffeldt, seasoned leadership coach and corporate trainer (, for an interactive taste of Crucial Conversations, based on the best-selling book and program.

You’ll discover:
• what makes a conversation crucial
• why these kinds of conversations are personally so difficult for you
• how to set the stage for a candid, respectful conversation, even when the stakes are high

Space for this training is limited, so register quick! Due to the interactive nature of this program, we are asking for cameras to remain on during the training. Please feel free to use a virtual background (zoom has great pre-loaded options!). If you have not used a virtual background before, here is a quick how-to. Supervisory strategies addressed: Communication, Conflict Management.

March 2021 | Giving Identity Space in Our Supervision Practices | Register via Zoom (please pre-register)

This training is being scheduled. Check back soon to register.

It can be challenging working with others with identities different than our own. It can be even more challenging supervising others with identities different than our own. Drawing on recently published work from professionals in the student affairs field, this presentation will dive into supervising through an identity lens. You’ll learn practical tips for engaging in “identity-conscious” supervision with your student employees. Supervisory strategies addresses: DEI, Coaching/Empowering, Communication.

Upcoming:   SPRING Quarter
Providing Feedback and Performance Evaluations, Career Conversations with Student Employees

By Stacey Stevens
Stacey Stevens Director, Student Employment Stacey Stevens