Supervisors Achieve Series: Fall 2020

Trainings are available at the times below as well as on-demand. If the pre-scheduled time does not work for you, we can work with you on a time that does. Please consider attending the 2 trainings offered to students regarding their rights and responsibilities. More information is provided on the Student Employees Achieve Series page.

Fri, 10/9 @ 10:30 am | PioneerTime Training | View Recorded Session

Offered by our campus partner, Shared Services, this training will help you navigate PioneerTime, learn timekeeping rules and supervisor responsibilities, and approve timecards for your student employees.

Thu, 10/22 @ 12 pm | Hiring Student Employees and Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process | View Recorded Session

Learn about some of the recent changes with Student Employment as well as tips on how to recruit, hire, and train you student employees. Using Pioneer Careers will be covered. Special focus will be given to implicit bias in the hiring process and how to avoid missteps.

Tu, 10/27 @ 12 pm | Managing Remote Work with Your Student Employees | View Recorded Session

The sister training to working remotely for student employees, this training focuses on how you can manage the remote work of your student employees. This brief session will deliver tools and strategies to help you be successful as a remote supervisor. Time will be left at the end for attendees to share their own tips and tricks.

Thu, 11/19 @ 12 pm | Campus Supervisor Panel on Program Best Practices | Recorded Session Unavailable- Future Panels to be Scheduled

Learn best practices  from supervisors who employ large numbers of students each year, including admission, housing, orientation, the writing center and more. This will be a panel format with questions asked by the presenter. At the end, resources will be shared and attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions.

By Stacey Stevens
Stacey Stevens Director, Student Employment Stacey Stevens