Staying in Denver after graduation? Don’t give up your college roommate!

As anyone working or attending college in Colorado, you know the quality of life it can bring.  You already realize it is a great place to live, work and play.  Each year  Career & Professional Development surveys DU recent graduates and year after year over 65-70% would like to find employment in the Front Range.  They enjoy all the year round outdoor activities with the vibrant City of Denver close by. Denver  continues to be one of  top cities for millennials in the US. rent

So when you think about graduating and job searching in CO,  you may want to research the housing and apartment rental market very closely.  Rental costs in Denver have leveled off in the past year but a one bedroom apartment can still take a big chunk of your paycheck.  You may also want to research other cities that have a lower cost of living.

What does a recent graduate with mounting student loans and an entry-level salary need to do?

  • Negotiate your entry-level salary.  Many employers expect you to make a counter offer.  A career advisor can help strategize and help you practice how to do this.
  • You may want to give up your car! If you work in the city and can take public transportation you can always rent a car if want to head to the mountains on the weekends.  You will save on maintenance, monthly payments, parking and insurance.
  • Hang on to your college roommates a couple of more years.
  • Try to negotiate your rental contract with the landlord.  Saving even $100 can help.

Make an appointment with a career advisor if you need assistance with job search strategies, resume assistance, salary negotiation and many other ways to assist you in your search.  To schedule an appointment call 303-871-2150.  As a student or recent alumnus you can talk to one of career advisors for free!


By Jane Kolb
Jane Kolb Career & Professional Development