Summer Internship Award Program Recipient Spotlight: Jordan Smith – Circuits Teaching Assistant

Jordan Smith is a junior at DU studying Electrical Engineering. Through the Summer Internship Award Program, which provides funding for unpaid internships, Jordan interned last summer as a Circuits Teaching Assistant at DU. We asked Jordan some questions about his internship experience and here are his responses: 

What is your biggest takeaway from your internship? 

Working as a Circuits Teaching Assistant taught me the plethora of methods available to convey information. It turns out that visual, audible, and physical learning styles are not always disjoint, nor are they consistent for a particular individual. Due to this experience, I now have a better understanding of different ways to demonstrate a particular concept and ensure it is being comprehended.

What were you most proud of during your internship? 

The most fulfilling moment was when I successfully helped a student understand a concept that they were struggling with. Seeing the transition from confusion to comprehension when I redefined and explained a concept for them in a way they could grasp was the most rewarding experience.

Please share with us a funny moment from your internship:

As complicated as the lab work got, it was oftentimes the most head-smack-worthy mistakes that would cause errors. Mistakes as simple as not grounding a circuit or forgetting to turn on the power supply would result in some frustration, and sometimes smoke, that was quickly followed by the laughter of how simple the issue was.

What are your next steps in your Career and Professional Development journey? What do you plan to do after graduation? 

Now that I have experience on the educational side of Engineering, I hope to complete a summer internship in industry. From there, I will decide if I wish to complete a masters or pursue more field experience. 

What would you recommend to other students applying for unpaid internships or the Summer Internship Award Program?

Persistence and showing initiative can be the key to securing an internship.

*These responses were collected by our Career Peer Advisor, Walid Hedidar

By Stacey Stevens
Stacey Stevens Associate Director Stacey Stevens