5 Internship Facts You Won’t Believe

Internships can change the trajectory of your intended career path.  They provide valuable insights into an industry, job or employer you’ve been considering.  Plus, employers expect students to have some experience by graduation.  Get inspired and start your search now!

  1. Internships are broadly defined, and an experience doesn’t need to be called an internship for it to count. Any experiential opportunity that provides exposure to a career path is what matters.  It might be research, a practicum, field experience or a part-time job that developed new skills and competencies. Begin your search in Pioneer Careers.


  1. 71% of undergraduate respondents from the Class of 2019 participated in at least one internship (as “broadly defined,” see #1) by graduation. See the First-Destinations Outcomes Report here for more information.


  1. DU participates in UCAN Intern, an internship database shared with 15 other private universities around the country including University of Chicago, Harvard, University of San Francisco, Emory, Washington University, University of Miami, and more. Create an account using your DU email address here.


  1. 25% of the Class of 2019 that was seeking employment 6 months after graduation did not have an internship compared to just 7% of those with an internship.


  1. Internships create a built-in network and list of references for your future job search or graduate school application. When networking is considered vital by 80% of professionals,* it’s not too early to start building a network of your own. DU will launch a new networking platform in early 2021. In the meantime, join one of the many DU groups on LinkedIn to leverage your DU connection.

*According to LinkedIn.com







By Mary Michael Hawkins
Mary Michael Hawkins Director, Undergraduate Career & Professional Development