Recordings of Prior Career Programs: Career Transitions

Alumni Career & Professional Development offers regular career programs in person and virtually. You can find the video replays of those covering career transitions below.

Getting Experience without Experience, 2020 (1:02:47)
Learn what to include on your resume and how to frame that information effectively, how to address skill gaps, proactively communicate to employers why you’re the best fit for the role and creative ways to gain experience and build your network.

How to Make Sure You’re on the Right Career Path, 2020 (47:37)
Learn how to approach the career development process through values-based decision making. Define your top 3 values, feel more engaged in your career and find work you align with.

Propelling Your Career Switch: Key Lessons and Strategies for Managing Your Career in the New Market, 2020 (1:02:33)
Dawn Graham (PhD ’07) shares her experience as a switcher, plus the emerging trends in the U.S. job market, what you need to do to effectively manage your job search, the role psychology plays in hiring, and how to get in front of decision-makers to land your career switch.

Storytelling for Your Career Transition, 2021 (1:07:11)
As you transition into a new job, learn how to craft your story to foster connection, build trust and attract influencers.

By Cindy Hyman
Cindy Hyman Director of Alumni Career & Professional Development Cindy Hyman