Recordings of Prior Career Programs: Career Transitions

Alumni Career & Professional Development offers regular career programs in person and virtually. You can find the video replays of those covering career transitions below.

5 Keys to Crafting a Job You Love, 2019
Chris Castillo dives into the world of career fulfillment and teaches you the tips and tricks to ensure your work day flies by a bit faster.

  1. Having a Fulfilling Career is Important (12:27)
  2. Unpack & Re-Define Your Beliefs about Work (7:56)
  3. Get Clear on Who You Are (9:40)
  4. Map Your Needs to Opportunities (5:43)
  5. Get Clear on Must-Haves (4:52)
  6. Move Past Fear (6:59)
  7. Questions & Answers (13:54)

5 Steps to Take Your Career From Stuck to Unstoppable, 2019
Tracy Timm shares 5 major insights that you can implement to find work you love.

  1. Is This Process for You? (9:15)
  2. Finding Your Ideal Career (5:17)
  3. Only You Can Choose Your Life (8:55)
  4. Play Your Own Game (8:10)
  5. Going it Alone Only Gets You So Far (6:59)
  6. Career Test Drives (9:19)
  7. Take Action (10:36)
  8. Q&A: Find Your Niche and Engage Your Network (9:06)

Career Transitions, Spark Your Shift, 2019
Beth Kirke of Z1CareerZone provides strategies for making a successful career transition.

  1. Background & Definitions (8:00)
  2. Get Clear on Why (7:02)
  3. What Do You Want to Do? (3:32)
  4. Self-exploration and Self-assessment (8:05)
  5. How Shift Happens – Elevator Pitches, Networking, Resumes (10:36)
  6. Keep it Together (3:51)
  7.  Q&A, Bridging Gaps, Salary, LinkedIn Profiles (10:27)

Cultivating Strengths to Fuel Transition, 2020
Jen Thurman explains how to identify and use your strengths to transition to a job you love.

  1. What’s Blocking You from Your Goals (10:20)
  2. The Case for Focusing on Strengths (6:02)
  3. How Do We Identify Our Strengths (9:12)
  4. Applying & Re-evaluating Your Strengths (6:20)
  5. Impostor Syndrome: The Habit of Downplaying (10:21)
  6. Activity to Strengthen Your Inner Champion (8:02)
  7. Summary & Resources (7:22)

Propelling Your Career Switch: Key Lessons and Strategies for Managing Your Career in the New Market, 2020 (1:02:33)
Dawn Graham (PhD ’07) shares her experience as a switcher, plus the emerging trends in the U.S. job market, what you need to do to effectively manage your job search, the role psychology plays in hiring, and how to get in front of decision-makers to land your career switch. 

Your Purpose Blueprint: How Scientific Hand Analysis Impacts Personal and Professional Success, 2020
Jayne Sanders presents provocative details about the fascinating, life-changing technology of scientific hand analysis featured in a Forbes article about her and the accuracy of her work.

By Cindy Hyman
Cindy Hyman Director of Alumni Career & Professional Development Cindy Hyman