Recordings of Prior Career Programs: Career Advancement

Alumni Career & Professional Development offers regular career programs in person and virtually. You can find the video replays of those covering career advancement below.

How to Successfully Go from Individual Contributor to Manager, 2021 (1:01:47)
Learn how to define your management style and create a roadmap to learn your way into leadership.

Impostor Phenomenon: Reframing Our Inner Critic Message to Break through to Success, 2020 (1:00:43)
Megan Pendley-Pickett (MA ’04) discusses the concept of Impostor Phenomenon and provides tools and strategies for reframing and quieting the inner critic voice, lessening its power to be a barrier to success.

Negotiate Your Salary and Earn More, 2020
According to a 2018 Robert Half study of 2700 workers across 27 major U.S. cities, only 39% of all workers negotiated their salaries upon receiving a job offer. Even during tough times, once you land an offer, using the right strategies can help you negotiate a better salary that will make a real difference over the long haul.

Salary Negotiation, 2020
Gain confidence in your salary negotiation skills.

Strategic Marketing Essentials for Non-Marketing Professionals, 2020 (1:00:25)
This webinar is a primer on marketing language and basics that will aid non-marketing professionals in understanding and implementing current marketing approaches.

Taking Ownership of Your Career in the New Year, 2021 (1:00:37)
Don’t let your career happen to you. Learn how to take the drivers’ seat and design your own career path.

Who Does What When We Manage Change? How to Activate Organizational Change Roles, 2020 (58:42)
Change practitioners are the orchestra conductors of the change, but they are not the ones that play the instruments. One of the most critical elements of managing change is to determine who does what and when. Learn the key employee-facing and enabling roles that you need to engage, what these roles need to do and how to activate them and best practices to give your change effort a step jump.

Working Remotely: How to be Successful, 2020 (1:04:14)
Learn how to improve productivity and team collaboration while working remotely, efectively manage remote employees and navigate working at home with kids.

By Cindy Hyman
Cindy Hyman Director of Alumni Career & Professional Development Cindy Hyman