Recordings of Prior Career Programs – Resumes & Interviews

Alumni Career & Professional Development offers regular career programs in person and virtually. You can view the video replays of those covering Resumes and Interviews below.

Cover Letters 101, 2020 (24:22)
How is a cover letter different from a resume? Do you have to write a new one for each job? Hear the answers to these common questions and learn how to write a cover letter that shows employers why you’re a good fit.

Demystifying Your Application Documents, 2021 (1:03:26)
Putting together a quality resume and a cover letter that displays your value is tricky. This webinar will debunk myths and help you put together application documents that play well to your audience.

Effective Interview Strategies, 2020 (27:46)
Learn how to best showcase your knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the position you’re interviewing for using the CAR method: Context, Action, Result.

Excelling in Interviews, 2018
Getting ready for your next big interview? Learn key tips and strategies for preparing for, executing and following up after an interview.

  1. Why are Interviews Challenging (5:15)
  2. The Interview Process (9:51)
  3. How to Prepare (20:59)
  4. Types of Interview Questions (20:57)
  5. How to Follow-Up (3:02)

Humanize Your Resume and Cover Letter, 2020 (46:14)
Learn how to create cover letters and resumes that tell your story effectively.

Interviewing with Confidence, 2020 (1:11:03)
Learn interview preparation strategies to feel confident answering any question, advice on interviewing over the phone and by Zoom or using recorded interview tools and how to appear relaxed and confident in an interview.

Resume Tips for Remote Jobs, 2021 (48:38)
Hear actionable tips and tricks for creating a resume specifically for remote job applications.

Storytelling in the Job Search: Is Your Personal Narrative a Boost or a Blunder, 2021 (58:29)
Walk through how telling your story in an empowered way can determine how you show up, how you are perceived, and how you can translate your skills to employers so you can be a no-brain hire!

Tailoring Your Resume, 2020 (5:20)
Tailoring your resume doesn’t have to take hours. Learn how to customize your resume for the job you’re applying to.

Unconventional Resume Tips, 2019
Hear from Cliff Flamer, the World’s best Resume Writer (TM). In a competitive job search, it is vital for your resume to spark inspiration.

  1. The Resume’s 5 Audiences (7:49)
  2. Focus on You (6:47)
  3. Tips to Make Your Resume Pop (14:06)
  4. Resume Samples for All Situations (21:18)
  5. Q&A (14:58)

Write Effective Resume Bullet Statements Using the STAR Technique, 2020 (4:25)
Learn how to write accomplishment statements that bring your resume to life.

Writing Strong Resumes and Cover Letters, 2020 (1:05:34)
Ensure your resume and cover letter are as strong as possible to land an interview.

By Cindy Hyman
Cindy Hyman Director of Alumni Career & Professional Development Cindy Hyman