Summer Internship Award Program Recipient Spotlight: Matthew Kraus – Bellator Trust

Matthew Kraus is a junior at DU studying finance. Through the Summer Internship Award Program, which provides funding for unpaid internships, Matthew interned last summer with Bellator Trust in Los Angeles, CA  as a Search Fund Associate. We asked Matthew some questions about his internship experience and here are his responses: 

What is your biggest takeaway from your internship? 

On one hand, I certainly grew in my abilities to perform more technical elements of the investment process. I am now better at financial modeling, market research, and identifying relevant economic trends. Most importantly, though, I learned so much about myself as a person and as an employee. I learned about the conditions under which I perform best, and I learned the value of an accessible boss that offers timely feedback.

What were you most proud of during your internship? 

Though my typical tasks included data aggregation, I was spontaneously asked in mid July to help my boss build out the firm’s website. With a deadline on Monday morning, I worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to complete numerous iterations and create a finished product that was visually pleasing, informative, and intuitive. I met the deadline, and, as a non-web designer, I was very pleased with the results.

Please share with us a funny moment from your internship:

As I was nearing the end of my summer role, I helped my roommate and close friend get hired on as my replacement. I ended up returning to the firm as a part-time employee, and I was promoted to Head Associate. Though I wouldn’t say it was exactly funny, being my roommate’s boss made for an interesting dynamic, and it was fun to delegate tasks to him and check in on his progress. 

What are your next steps in your Career and Professional Development journey? What do you plan to do after graduation? 

I will be graduating this June and after interviewing through last November, I accepted a full-time role with Goldman Sachs starting in July. I will be working on a Private Equity team within their Consumer & Investment Management Division.

What would you recommend to other students applying for unpaid internships or the Summer Internship Award Program?

Oftentimes, compensation is not the most significant piece to consider when weighing employment options. An internship with lower pay (or none at all) might not seem as attractive at the time, but consider that it might be an investment in your future; it may truly be the best opportunity for relevant experience, and it may pay off in a big way down the road. To put it simply, this award program makes it possible to truly pursue the option that is best for your future.

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*These responses were collected by our Career Peer Advisor, Walid Hedidar

By Stacey Stevens
Stacey Stevens Associate Director Stacey Stevens