Recordings of Previous Career Events

Here you will find video recordings from select live professional development events, webinars and Zoom-in virtual programs. If you have further questions, please reach out to Alumni Career & Professional Development at  303-871-4331 for additional support and guidance. To attend events like these in the future, be sure to check our list of upcoming events. Choose from the below topics:

Resumes, Interviews & Salary Negotiation
Job Search Process
LinkedIn & Social Media
Career Discovery
Career Advancement 
Women’s Professional Alliance Programs
Available Resources

Resumes, Interviews & Salary Negotiation
These videos cover tools to help you apply for and land a new job including interviews and salary negotiation:

Excelling in Interviews, 5/9/18
Getting ready for your next big interview? Learn key tips and strategies for preparing for, executing and following up after an interview.

  1. Why Are Interviews Challenging (5:14)
  2. The Interview Process (9:51)
  3. How to Prepare (20:59)
  4. Types of Interview Questions (20:57)
  5. How to Follow-Up (3:01)

Zoom In: Effective Interviewing
Presenter Jason Berumen, Sr. Global Talent Manager at Webroot, focuses on critical elements of interviewing.

Effective Interviewing (32:11)

Maximizing Pay Through Effective Negotiation, 1/25/19
Denise Liebetrau of Prosper Consulting discusses how to value your experience, expertise and education, when to use this knowledge during the interview and offer process and how to have pay and performance discussions throughout your career so you can maximize your earnings and achieve your financial goals.

  1. Employee Value Proposition (7:44)
  2. Building a Business Case (5:50)
  3. Salary Resources (3:23)
  4. Negotiation Strategies (13:04)
  5. Mastery & Career Happiness (6:58)
  6. Q&A (Dealing with Hard No’s; Asking for a Bigger Raise) (17:54)

  Unconventional Resume Tips for Creatives & Entrepreneurs, 1/22/19
Hear from Cliff Flamer, the World’s best Resume Writer (TM). In a competitive job search, it is vital for your resume to spark inspiration.

  1. The Resumes 5 Audiences (7:49)
  2. Focus on You (6:47)
  3. Resume Tips to Make Your Resume Pop (14:06)
  4. Resume Samples for all Situations (21:18)
  5. Questions & Answers (14:58)

Job Search Process
These videos cover strategies to help you find a new job in any sector.

 Career Transitions, Spark Your Shift, 5/29/19
Beth Kirke of Z1CareerZone provides strategies for making a successful career transition.

  1. Background & Definitions (8:00)
  2. Get Clear on Why (7:02)
  3. What Do You Want to Do? (3:32)
  4. Self-exploration and Self-assessment (8:05)
  5. How Shift Happens – Elevator Pitches, Networking, Resumes (10:36)
  6. Keep it Together (3:51)
  7.  Q&A, Bridging Gaps, Salary, LinkedIn Profiles (10:27)

Job Search with Founder/CEO of Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List, 1/24/19
Learn about job search from Andrew Hudson, founder of the regions top jobs list

  1. The Hard Truths about Job Search (5:55)
  2. Branding (18:15)
  3. Self-Branding (9:53)
  4. Self-Brand Touchpoints (4:52)
  5. How to Use Job Boards (2:18)
  6. Navigating Applicant Tracking Systems (2:54)
  7. Resumes, Cover Letters and the Job Search (7:46)
  8. Networking (3:28)

Federal Government Hiring, 1/25/19 This webinar focuses on the federal government hiring process and tips to make it work for you.

  1. Basics and Federal Hiring Paths (7:19)
  2. USA Jobs & Writing Federal Resumes (26:56)
  3. Pathways Program (5:17)
  4. Other Resources for Government Jobs (17:29)

Diversity & Inclusion from a Talent Management Perspective, 1/22/19
Learn how diversity and inclusion impact talent management and ensure your future employer embraces these values.

  1. Why Diversity Matters (10:55)
  2. How Diversity Fits in Talent Management (4:34)
  3. History & Conditioning (9:55)
  4. Diversity & Inclusion (11:48)
  5. F3: Facts, Feelings & Flex (12:26)
  6. Q&A: How to Find Organizations that Value Inclusion; Redefining Difference (9:30)

Working at DU, 1/23/19
Marcy Cozzens will discuss the hiring process at DU. Marcy Cozzens (MPS ’09), is the current manager of Recruiting Services at the University of Denver. 

  1. Working at DU (10:00)
  2. Employee Types (9:42)
  3. Job Search (6:24)
  4. Getting Your Resume Noticed (4:31)
  5. Applying, Recruitment Process, and Q&A (14:07)

Job Search Toolkit, 1/23/18

Learn how to approach the job search with the mindset of a salesperson. Hear from Kerry Moriarty (BSBA ’86), principal at KerryON Consulting and experienced recruiter and sales executive, on how to approach the job search from a different angle.

  1. Targeting Specific Companies and Who You Know There (8:08)
  2. Meet-Ups and Networking (5:29)
  3. Online Job Posting Resources (2:21)
  4. Know Yourself and Grow (3:35)
  5. Job Search Fundamentals (6:01)
  6. Audience Questions (8:06)

Career Transitions, 8/29/17

This event featured Kendra Prospero, CEO and Co-Founder of Turning the Corner discussing strategies for finding a new career after years of experience in another area.

  1. Introduction to Career Change (10:15)
  2. Find Your Why (6:58)
  3. What You Need From a Job (10:16)
  4. Focus on Your Strengths (8:22)
  5. Job Search Tips (6:48)

Zoom In: Job Search
Job Search (36:05)

These videos feature best practices in networking.

Magnetic Networking Learn proven strategies to help you develop professional relationships.

  1. Magnet Theory of Networking (12:29)
  2. Benefits of Networking (7:29)
  3. Short- and Long-Term Networking Strategies (10:35)
  4. The 7 Hats of Networking (5:16)
  5. Magnetic Introductions (17:28)

Zoom In: Building Connections
This session focuses on critical elements of building connections and leveraging the DU network.

Building Connections (26:59)

LinkedIn & Social Media
These videos explain how to use social media for networking. 

Leverage Social Media, 8/20/19
Cindy Hyman teaches how to maximize social media to improve your chances of getting hired.

  1. LinkedIn Quick Stats (2:29)
  2. Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile (8:42)
  3. Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile: Summary, Experience, Education & Skills (3:11)
  4. Edit Your Profile and Find Alumni on LinkedIn (10:54)
  5. Connect with Alumni on LinkedIn (7:09)
  6. Research Companies & Privacy Settings (6:13)
  7. Pioneer Connect (4:49)

    Rock Your LinkedIn Profile, 1/23/19
Learn how to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. Melody Cheung, (BA ’93 & MA ’94) will share her global recruiting and brand management experience acquired by her time working at LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn Basics (12:41)
  2. How to Build a Great Profile (21:36)
  3. Connecting on LinkedIn (8:43)
  4. Sharing Updates, Publishing & Q&A (10:30)

Career Discovery
These webinars include topics regarding helping you match your find work and your passion.

         5 Steps to Take Your Career From Stuck to Unstoppable
Tracy Timm shares 5 major insights that you can implement to find work you love.

  1. Is This Process for You? (9:15)
  2. Finding Your Ideal Career (5:17)
  3. Only You Can Choose Your Life (8:55)
  4. Play Your Own Game (8:10)
  5. Going it Alone Only Gets You So Far (6:59)
  6. Career Test Drives (9:19)
  7. Take Action (10:36)
  8. Q&A: Find Your Niche and Engage Your Network (9:06)

These webinars focus on specific industries.

  1. Zoom In on Geographic Information Systems (53:38)
  2. Zoom In on Healthcare Leadership (58:39)
  3. Zoom in Global Community Engagement (48:57)
  4. Cybersecurity Boot Camp Preview (49:49)

Career Advancement
These videos feature tools and skills to help you advance your career at any stage.

         Leader as Coach, 10/23/19
David Morelli teaches best practices for leaders coaching their teams.

  1. What is Coaching? (12:28)
  2. Benefits of Coaching (11:17)
  3. Coaching Models (5:00)
  4. Coaching with Questions (5:42)
  5. Create Powerful Questions (10:37)
  6. Coaching Demo (10:28)

Finding Your Voice as a Young Leader, 10/1/19
Katrina Yoshida (BA ’14) discusses how to become an influential leader instead of a title leader.

  1. Introduction and Overview (4:24)
  2. Vulnerability (6:29)
  3. Choose Courage, Humility, Listening and Yourself Often (6:51)
  4. Intent v. Impact (5:20)
  5. Connect (5:21)
  6. Embrace the Gray and Wrap-up (3:14)
  7. Q&A: Balance Vulnerability; Mentorship; Communicating Choosing Yourself; Overcoming Fear; Be Strategic (15:05)

Parentpreneur: Integrating Self-Care and Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom, 9/19/19
Janiece Mackey (BA ’06) discusses steps to balance starting a new venture and being a parent.

  1. Radical Honesty (10:37)
  2. Things Nobody Tells You (5:22)
  3. Leadership and Lessons Learned (11:43)
  4. How to Measure Goodness (9:25)
  5. Resources and about YAASPA (2:48)
  6. Q&A: Modeling Wellness; Resources; Mentorship; YAASPA Activities; Fiscal Sponsorship (10:44)

  Leadership & Intentionality, 5/7/19 Kristina Scala, (MA ’16), a thought leader in education and entrepreneurship, blends the two as president and founder of Aspen Academy.

  1. Key Characteristics of an Intentional Leader (7:02)
  2. Building your Leadership Brand (11:47)
  3. Proactive & Responsive Leadership (16:56)
  4. Setting Markers & Social Emotional Intelligence (4:00)
  5. Q&A, Putting Out Fires, Create Passion (18:44)

Guiding Principles for a Great Career, 10/2/18
Amy Haworth, (BS ’96, MBA ’98), Chief of Staff at Citrix, discusses
how to add unique value to your company and advance your career.

  1. Create Your Path (3:17)
  2. Amy’s Path (4:44)
  3. Piecing Your Experience Together (3:40)
  4. Pivotal Failures (3:02)
  5. Career Climbing Wall (4:06)
  6. When to Seek Another Opportunity (3:00)
  7. Find a Manager Who Believes in Your Potential (5:16)
  8. Exceeding Expectations (2:51)
  9. Diversity Your Exposure (2:26)
  10. Turning Nervousness into Excitement (4:58)
  11. Building Others is Building Us All (2:34)
  12. Defining Your Guiding Principles (2:32)
  13. Additional Resources & Q&A (11:22)

5 Keys to Crafting a Job You Love, 1/23/19
Chris Castillo dives into the world of career fulfillment and teaches you the tips and tricks to ensure your work day flies by a bit faster.

  1. Having a Fulfilling Career is Important (12:27)
  2. Unpack & Re-Define Your Beliefs about Work (7:56)
  3. Get Clear on Who You Are (9:40)
  4. Map Your Needs to Opportunities (5:43)
  5. Get Clear on Must-Haves (4:52)
  6. Move Past Fear (6:59)
  7. Questions & Answers (13:54)

How to Work with a Jerk, 9/20/18
Mark Popenhagen will explain how u
nderstanding emotional intelligence is key to helping you work with everyone, even the jerks.

  1. The Engagement Problem (6:04)
  2. Defining Emotional Intelligence (9:57)
  3. Handling Triggers (9:09)
  4. What Causes Triggers (10:05)
  5. Social Awareness (8:33)
  6. Relational Management (13:05)

Women’s Professional Alliance Programs
Below are videos from select Women’s Professional Alliance events. 

       Busyness is a Bad Habit, 10/29/19
Jen Thurman teaches how to implement mindful prioritization.

  1. The Insidious Pattern of Busyness (7:47)
  2. Getting Real About Your Priorities (8:32)
  3. Learn to Say No (4:13)
  4. Bring Life and Energy to Your Priorities (7:40)
  5. What Expectations Have You Set About Your Time? (7:18)
  6. Train Yourself to Respond (6:26)
  7. Retrain Your World and Q&A (16:50)

Available Resources
These webinars discuss the career resources available to DU alumni and employers.

Alumni Career Resources, 8/15/18
Learn about the career resources available to all DU alumni from Director of Alumni Career & Professional Development, Cindy Hyman.

  1. Individual Alumni Career Resources (7:55)
  2. Virtual Career Resources (5:42)
  3. Articles & Tutorials (2:51)
  4. How to Use Pioneer Connect (19:22)
  5. Introduction to Pioneer Careers (3:42)
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