Denver Industry Spotlight: FINANCIAL SERVICES

As the largest financial hub between Los Angeles and Chicago, the Metro Denver region employs around 101,560 individuals in over 14,000 financial service companies. Over the past five years, the financial services industry has grown over 10%, with 80% of Colorado’s total employment in this industry located right here in the Metro Denver region.

The financial services industry is broken up into three sub clusters: banking & finance, investments, and insurance, with investments posing the strongest growth at nearly 5%.

Another valuable thing to note is that location plays a huge role in the success of this industry, as the region’s central U.S. location allows individuals to reach every North American city with a population of 1 million or more within four hours by plane.

If you have a passion for anything finance-related, then consider a career in the booming financial services industry!

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By Julia Uchiyama
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