DU Boots on the Ground

Did you know that DU now has an ongoing full-time presence in major cities across the nation? We have a team out there to help you and your students succeed!

Since its launch in April 2018, the Advancement Regional Team has been working to build connectivity between our campus and the alumni, parents, corporate partners and other friends of the university in concentrated areas across the US. The primary markets served are New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Each of these locales has three full-time DU employees working to build the network. Additionally, they are making consistent visits and producing programming in Boston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, San Diego and Phoenix. Here are some of the best ways that you can engage with them:

Reach out to work productively when you travel. Whether you are heading out of Colorado for conferences, other university-related business or personal travel/vacation, the local teams are a great resource for you.

  • Daniels College of Business faculty Pete Lindgren and Patrick Orr recently brought a team of MS students to Los Angeles to present to a local entertainment company and reached out to the Southwest Region team in advance. The team was able to reserve a large conference room in the Hollywood WeWork for the students to practice their pitches and also had lunch with the group to brainstorm other corporate partners for future challenges. One of the students on the trip is hoping to move to Los Angeles following her graduation in June, so she is leveraging the team’s connections to entertainment alumni to get informational interviews and begin her search.

Connect with alumni and other influencers. The regional team has connected with hundreds of alumni, parents and other friends in these cities and can be a great resource if you are looking for partners to speak to your classes, mentor your students, provide job or internship opportunities, create experiential learning opportunities or work on other collaborations.

  • Korbel Associate Professor Oliver Kaplan recently visited Chicago to give a few presentations to city officials. He has connections with the Council on Global Affairs and made introductions there to Midwest regional team member Lindsay Anderson to continue connectivity for future partnerships and opportunities for other DU faculty.

Help your students succeed 

You likely know where your students want to go after their time at DU, and the regional team would love to help them get there. Please reach out to ask the team to build connections to employers and other connectors who can help build the DU brand in their companies, navigate HR contacts and provide other tips and insight to help the process.

  • Jeremy Lynch, Market Activator for the Northwest Region based in San Francisco, is a DU graduate who had previously worked for technology companies Facebook, Google and Airbnb. He is building a strong DU tech network in the bay area and has many other connections for students looking to break into that industry.

The team is very open to additional collaborations, so please reach out. A list of personnel and contact information can be found here.