What You Need to Know About Each Career Milestone!

Milestone 1: Map Your Path

Mapping one’s path requires a great deal of self-reflection and exploration. You want to identify your “point A” and potential “point B’s” through skills identification and telling your story. Ultimately this means building your experience and skills into a working resume/CV and cover letter. You may know the job or internship that you want, but without a well-developed resume or cover letter that position may be difficult to secure. Keep in mind that resumes and CV’s (which are much different than traditional resumes– see this article from Stacey Lastoe on CV’s vs. Resumes) vary based on industry, company, and even job function. You will want to work with a Career Advisor or an alum who offers “Resume Review & Feedback” in Pioneer Connect to strengthen your resume or CV.

Milestone 2: Building Connections

The job search is more and more about who you know, as opposed to just what you know. While “networking” can be uncomfortable (and it is for pretty much everyone), there are some amazing pathways built by DU to help facilitate connections with alumni and employers. In addition to Pioneer Connect, the official alumni/student networking platform of DU, there are a number of programs built to facilitate network connections between students, alumni, and employers. Pio2Pio: Peer Mentoring Meetups, Zoom Ins, and Dine & Dialogues are all examples of programs developed here at DU to make networking less stressful and easier to navigate. All of those events can be found in the Events section of Pioneer Careers.

Milestone 3: Gain Experiences

In addition to your academics, employers value your experiences outside of the classroom. Students typically think of internships as the only way to engage in experiential learning, but while internships are ideal, research positions, student organizations, volunteering, and part-time jobs are other ways to expand your experiences. For those of you seeking internships or full-time positions, the Winter Career & Internship Fair will be taking place on February 20th. Not only can you do research on the list of employers that will be in attendance in Pioneer Careers Online, but there will be an entire slate of events prior to the fair to help you with preparation. The Prepare for the Fair events (also listed in Pioneer Careers Online) are designed to connect you with employers and alumni for practicing your elevator pitch, revamping your LinkedIn profile and resume/CV, accessing the career closet for professional attire, and more!

Milestone 4: Launch Your Future:

You’ve prepared your application documents, reflected on your experiences, and made strategic connections in your field of interest. Now it’s time to interview. There are a number of ways to begin practicing or brush up on your interview skills. Certainly you can meet with your Career Advisor or attend an interview event on campus (The Art of the Interview: How to Tell Your Story, January 29th, 4:30-6:00pm, cough, cough), but you can also engage in virtual interview practice through BigInterview. This is a tool designed to help you build custom interviews and record your responses for additional review. Setting up an account is easy and free! Feel free to send your advisor some of your practice responses!

Other questions you may have regarding DU Career & Professional Development, or if you’d like to meet with your advisor, please contact us at 303-871-2150 or on Pioneer Careers Online.

By Andrew Gupton
Andrew Gupton Career Advisor Andrew Gupton