The Wide World of Biology Careers!

Many students choose to major in Biology because they are interested in science and want to apply their critical thinking and investigative skills to solve problems and help others. While some students do choose to major in Biology with a particular goal in mind, this is certainly not always the case! A degree in Biological Sciences opens many doors for students; whether you are interested in management, research, academia, the health professions, or medical device sales…there is a place for you. The options, in fact, are so expansive that it can be overwhelming to settle on one career path right away.

We often suggest that students begin the exploration process by reflecting on why you chose to major in Biology and what you enjoy most about it (concepts, skills, coursework, or research areas). Take your self-reflection a step further by chatting with alumni about job shadowing and informational interviews to gather information about career paths!

Biology majors build a broad and impressive skill set that includes attention to detail, deductive reasoning, gathering and analyzing complex data sets, and presenting scientific findings to a wider audience. The coursework prepares students for a wide variety of careers in the sciences and often satisfies the pre-requisites for a number of graduate and professional programs. While many DU students who choose to major in Biology are interested in medicine, graduates from the Biological Sciences program have gone on to study biotechnology, genetic counseling, law, nursing, physical therapy, public health, and social work.

What about a double major, minor, or concentration? Your choice to add another program of study depends entirely on your strengths, interests, and career goals, but others have chosen to pursue Emergent Digital Practices, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, or Spanish. Some students will add a minor or concentration in Business Analytics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computer Science, or Medical Physics.

So, what does a career in Biology look like? Roughly half of our 2017 graduates have gone on to work full-time after graduation. Job titles of DU graduates include:

  • Automation Engineer/Validation Specialist
  • Clinical Research Coordinator/Associate/Manager
  • Consultant
  • Director, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Graduate Research Fellow, NSF
  • Hospital Account Manager
  • Medical Device Marketing & Product Manager
  • Medical Writer
  • Occupational Therapy Aide
  • Professional Research Assistant
  • Public Health Advisor, CDC
  • Resident Physician (Internal Medicine, Surgery)
  • Senior Product Manager & Strategist

(Please note that some of the job titles above may require continuing your education.)

Exploring your options in Biology? We would love to connect with you and help you determine and achieve your career goals!

By Kimberly English
Kimberly English Career Advisor Kimberly English