7 Practical Steps to Follow in Your Job Search

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.”Yogi Berra, Major League Baseball Player, Coach, and Hall of Fame Legend, New York Yankees

Like the old analogy of “eating an elephant”, oftentimes getting started on your job search is the hardest part. The key is to start early – yes, this means you too, first-year students – and continually work on it throughout your academic and professional careers. This process will repeat itself multiple times throughout your career, so understanding where to begin and the next expected step are critical to making it to your destination. Your University of Denver Career & Professional Development team has broken it down into four career achievement milestones to complete over your time in school, though it may help to take an even closer look at the tactical strategy underlying those milestones. In our search for a career path, it can be easy to lose sight of the activities that lead up to getting a job. Below is a 7-step graphic that outlines each step and the activities that accompany them. We all travel this road at multiple points in our career. As you get started in yours, consider allowing your team of DU career advisors help guide you through all steps of this process. Did you know that we can help you at every stage of career development – from deciding on a major and career path, finding internships, and all the way through salary negotiation? If that wasn’t enough, we have advisors for every DU major – undergraduate and graduate level.

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By Beth Wade
Beth Wade Assistant Director, Career & Professional Development Beth Wade