Veterans: Networking Tips

As a veteran you may face many challenges as you transition from active duty or reserve status back into civilian life. One way to reintegrate is to network as there are many opportunities to  connect. The key to being successful is to expand your thinking and consider networking as something that you do on a day-to-day basis. Here are 5 suggestions:

–Connect with DU alumni and learn about their careers at This is a good way to get personal advice, ideas for professional development and career insights. A good way to expand your DU network!

–Attend a DU sporting event and start a conversation with someone sitting by you. That’s networking!

–Volunteer for a cause that interests you. Check out the Center for Community Engagement to Advance Scholarly Learning (CCESL)  for ideas. A fun way to network and give back!

–Send an email or connect on LinkedIn to someone that you met in class, career fair or at a conference. Update them on what you have been doing. Stay in touch with those you have met!

 — Contact Damon Vine/DU Veterans Coordinator to learn more about resources and events at or by phone at 303-871-2074.

By expanding your views about networking you will start to build meaningful relationships and connections. Networking is not just about going to scheduled networking events, it is a lot more. It’s an effective way learn more from your community, your fellow students and alumni!

Submitted by Patty Hickman

By Patty Hickman
Patty Hickman Director, Serves Graduate Students