Job Offers: 5 Things to Consider

Congratulations! You have a job offer. What to do next? You will likely have to live with the salary for at least a year so now is the time to think about the offer!

Do research on the salary range by checking sites like,, and

** Take time: You will be spending a large number of your waking hours at this job so ask for 3 days to a week to review the offer. This will give you time to objectively decide if the job is a good fit for you.

**Benefits: A great benefits package can compensate for a lower salary. What is the health insurance plan and what percentage does the employer pay? Tuition reimbursement? Educational benefits? What about employer contributions to a retirement plan? How much paid vacation/sick leave?

**Hidden Costs: Will you have a long commute??Be away from family and friends due to a lot of out-of-town travel? Do you need to leave at a set time to pick-up a child from daycare/school? Do you need relocation assistance?

**Culture: Do you think that you will fit in easily? If not, are you willing to adjust? Is your supervisor interested in your growth and success? Are you comfortable with the management style? What about the dress code?

By doing your research and reflection before accepting the position, you will feel more confident about your new position. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor at Pioneer Careers (see Appointments).



Submitted by: Patricia Hickman



By Patty Hickman
Patty Hickman Director, Serves Graduate Students