Must Have Resources For Students Going into Health and Human Services

If you’re considering a career in health and human services, there are several resources to support you in learning more about the industry, as well as, the job or internship search. Common job titles include social worker, therapist, counselor, public health administrator, community outreach director, research assistant, nurse, physician, or physical therapist, just to name a few.

While there’s a host of information about these professions online, hearing directly from individuals who work in these fields will be far more illuminating; as such, be sure to leverage your alumni network via Pioneer Connect to identify DU alumni with whom you can arrange for informational interviews. In the process of making those connections and gaining more insight into the industry, you just may open the door to job or internships opportunities you might not have found simply by searching online postings.


Job and Internship Search Resources:


 Professional Associations:

Keep in mind that most professional associations have job boards, as well as great resources for networking in the field, and professional development opportunities.



By Carolyn Sommers
Carolyn Sommers Associate Director, Serves Undergraduate CAHSS & Exploring Students