What to Do with a Design and the Arts Major?

Design and the Arts

At the intersection of design and the arts is a set of skills that allow for creative expression and communication. Whether you’re studying Art, Art History, Emergent Digital Practices (EDP), Film, Marketing, or another related program, these creative arts have the power to influence, persuade, and educate, along with the potential to activate emotion and mobilize action.

Common industries for these degrees include advertising, marketing, technology, and film, in addition to museums and local arts associations. If you’re wondering how to find opportunities in these fields, there are several resources to support the search process. Take a look at the content below to discover the companies, organizations, and professional associations that relate to your interests.


Digital Arts/Technology:


Art and Art History:

Final Tips:

Research people and organizations on LinkedIn using a keyword search and narrow down by city and state.

Check out the alumni page to identify any DU Alumni who may be working for these organizations with whom you can reach out and request an informational interview to learn more about the industry, the specific company, or their position.

Take note of the organizations and companies these individuals work for, including their current and past job titles that might align with future roles that could fit for you.

By Carolyn Sommers
Carolyn Sommers Associate Director, Serves CAHSS & Exploring Students