Milestone 2: Build Your Connections

Build your One DU community of support which includes staff, employers, alumni and friends of the University all eager to support your career and professional success!


Why is Building Connections Important?

Nationally, about 70% of professionals indicate they found their job through networks and your time at DU is a fantastic opportunity to build connections that will support your future success. There are thousands of DU alumni that are eager to support you in reaching your professional goals! Whether you are seeking an internship, looking for guidance as an entrepreneur or building networks that will help a family business, your DU Connections can provide tremendous support for your current and future goals.

Events and Activities to Compete this Milestone

Attend one of our many connection events on campus, conduct an informational meeting with an alum, develop a mentor relationship, or conduct a job shadow with a professional in your field.

Sample resources and events that help you build your One DU community of support include:

Pioneer Connect | At this site you will find over 4,100 alumni career volunteers that are eager to support your career success. Research alumni volunteers in your field of study that are happy to provide career support. Request a meeting directly through the site with easy email templates! Options for engagement include:

  • Online Resume Reviews: Get feedback on your resume from one of the 2,200 alumni offering resume feedback to students.
  • Informational Meetings: Over 2,800 alumni are eager to have a meeting with you to tell you about their jobs and what it takes to land a position in their industry.
  • Job Shadows: 1,600 alumni are happy to have you job shadow them in their workplace for a day or half day.

Mentor for a Moment | 4-5 events per quarter
These college specific events will connect you with alumni from your college that can help you learn about career paths and organizations that are a great match for your area of study.

Connecting DU Networking Events | 1 dates per quarter
Network with alumni and employers in broad fields of interest to many students across campus.

To learn more about the upcoming networking events visit Pioneer Careers.

By Heidi J. Perman
Heidi J. Perman Assistant Vice Chancellor, Career & Professional Development