Milestone 1: Map Your Path


Employer and student resume reviewThere are many ways to trace the path of your career journey. One such way is to create a resume or CV to serve as a map depicting where you’ve been, and also provide ideas about where you’re going.

Your resume or CV is your career development foundation. Starting early gives you a solid base to construct your academic, internship, and career goals as you move through your time at DU. To get started, identify your current skills and experience to complete an approved resume or CV. Then, continue working with your career advisor to pinpoint your strengths and interests.

What is a resume?
A resume is typically a 1-page document that gives an overview of your past experiences, a snapshot of your skills, a framework to identify what you’d still like to learn and do, and so much more. A basic resume includes information about your education, your work and volunteer experiences, and your skills and certifications. Resumes are highly flexible and tailored to the position or opportunity to which you are applying.

What is a CV?
A CV is a type of resume that is often expected for academic positions in higher education or research. It is similar to a resume, but includes categories that are more relevant to an academic setting such as research experience, teaching experience and publications. All relevant information is included meaning that the document can often be quite long.

Why is creating a resume or CV important?
Nearly every job or internship you apply to will ask for a resume or CV, so the sooner you get one started, the easier it will be to apply to that perfect internship.

Events and Activities to Complete this Milestone
Start your resume or CV and have it reviewed to complete this milestone. There are a number of opportunities to have your materials reviewed here at DU:

Sample resources to help you write and edit your resume include:

Career Advisor & Peer Advisor Appointments | Schedule via Pioneer Careers or by calling 303.871.2150

Drop-In Hours | Stop in for help without an appointment. Visit Career & Professional Development for hours.

Pioneer Careers | Have your resume reviewed by a professional and then simply load your resume into your Pioneer Careers account to receive one last round of resume feedback via email.

By Heidi J. Perman
Heidi J. Perman Assistant Vice Chancellor, Career & Professional Development