How to Build a Small Business Website in 5 Simple Steps

If you are going to operate a successful small business, you need to have a good website. If you do not have a business website, you are going to lose a lot of potential customers who are looking for the products and/or services that you have to offer. While you could spend a lot of money by hiring someone to build your site for you, it is actually pretty simple to do yourself, as long as you are using the right tools. Today we are going to show you how you can build your own small business website in five easy steps.

  • Register Your Domain Name

The first thing you need to do is decide on the name of your business website. Once you have done this, you will need to make sure that the name you have chosen is available. You can use GoDaddy to search domain names. If the one you picked is available, register it so no one else can take it before your site is ready to go. There are a few options, including .com, .net., and .org, with the most common being .com, as it is easier to remember, and it is SEO friendly.

  • Get a Separate Email Address

For a more professional appearance, have a business email address that separate from your personal email. Do not use Gmail, as this may give the impression that yours is not an established business. Generally, business email addresses include the business name”. There are several inexpensive email providers you can use for your business email, including G Suite from Google, which is essentially Gmail intended for businesses, and costs just $5 monthly for each email address that you use, and you can have a customized email address.

  • Choose Your Platform

Once you have registered your domain name, it is time to choose your website building platform. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just choose a free web builder that you can use that will help you to create a great-looking website that is easy for customers to navigate and use. If website building is something that is new to you, it is best to use a website builder that will help you every step of the way. Be sure to find one that offers excellent customer service to help if you have any problems.

  • Choose Your Template Design

Once you have chosen your website builder, you can get down to the nitty-gritty of designing your website. You will need to choose a template design, and the website builder should have a number of options available. Using a template makes it easy to add your content, and you don’t have to know anything about coding. Even if you have never created a website before, you will be able to do it quickly and easily when you are using a template. Choose one that fits the overall theme of your business and lets you create a user-friendly site.

  • Add Content

Now that you have designed your website, you need to begin adding content. Your website design should include various pages, including a home page, an about page, a products and services page, and a contact page. If you plan on doing online sales, there should also be a shopping cart and ordering page. Before creating the content, take a look at what some of the more popular business websites are doing, and try to emulate them without copying. Creating website content is a job that you may want to hire a freelancer for if writing isn’t something you are great at.

Author Jane Hurst

By Ronie Kononova
Ronie Kononova Student Marketing Assistant Ronie Kononova