Meaningful Career options for Medical Students in 2018

Healthcare is no doubt one of the most stable industries. Everyone requires medical attention at some point in their lives. So you’ve gotten your degree in medicine, but unsure about how to proceed, what to specialize in or, perhaps you’ve gone down one path only to find it isn’t for you. What else can you do to with an education in medicine that makes a considerably healthy amount of money or is simply meaningful work? Some of these career options may require additional advancements, attainable through accredited online courses.

  1. The end game and highest paying career in medicine: orthopedic surgeon

According to Forbes, an orthopedic surgeon makes a median of $519,000 per annum. They are who you go to when you’ve hurt your ankle, got arthritis or other musculoskeletal problems. Many choose to specialize in areas such as “foot and ankle, hand, shoulder and elbow, spine, hip or knee” or choose a specific field in “Pediatrics, trauma, reconstructive surgery, oncology (bone tumors) or sports medicine”

  1. If blood makes you queasy, deal in medication instead.

Pharmacists are responsible for filling medical prescriptions accordingly and they have a duty to explain how the medication should be used, such as when and how it should be taken or applied. If the drug has any side effects, it is also a part of their job scope to inform patients about them. You will find pharmacists in hospitals or clinics and standalone pharmacies or drugstores. According to Business Insider, pharmacists made an estimate of $125,847 in 2017.

  1. Want to be a part of the action but not the one holding the scalpel?

In an operating room for cardiac surgery, there is a team that consists of a medical perfusionist. This role is essential to keep the heart beating and the lungs breathing while bodily functions are put on hold. According to EHC, “A perfusionist operates a heart-lung machine, which is an artificial blood pump, which propels oxygenated blood to the patient’s tissues while the surgeon operates on the heart. The perfusionist manages the physiological and metabolic demands of the patient while the cardiac surgeon operates on the heart. It is also the perfusionist’s responsibility to deliver the drug that stops the heart.” Furthermore, the expected salary ranges from $65,000 to $130,000.

  1. Being meaningful by volunteering or working with addiction.

Doctors without Borders provides medical care to those who are in need but lacking in access. Every volunteer is given a roundtrip ticket, accommodation, a monthly salary of approximately $1,913. However, it could be a rich experience in a different country with different culture. There are many alternatives to the aforementioned organization such as Doctors Abroad, which gives the chance to pre-medical students the chance to go in the field well before graduating.

Those who are less adventurous can also look into getting a job at drug treatment centers, where you can make a decent amount of money whilst also helping those at risk. The salary strongly depends on the city or state, with Macon in Georgia making a solid $90,630 per annum, but the average is somewhere around $40,000. This job requires patience and counseling, keeping track of a patient’s progress and helping with emotional support.

By Craig Lebrau
Craig Lebrau