Build an Outstanding Career by Helping Others!

Social service has emerged as a high-potential career in the recent times. Unlike earlier, when social service was considered a charitable or philanthropic activity, it’s now a full-time career for several well-educated individuals. Social evils, such as poverty, diseases, malnutrition, and lack of access to clean water plague the society, and social service is the way to help people.

According to the World Bank, more than 10% of the world’s population lives on less than $1.9 a day. UNICEF statistics show that half of all deaths among children under the age of 5 in Asia and Africa can be attributed to malnutrition. It’s almost 3 million deaths a year. These are just some of the startling facts and figures. There are numerous poverty indicators which prove that most of the world’s population lives in precarious situations.

As a social service professional, you can play a crucial role in helping people live decent lives. There’s a growing focus on this need. Through their CSR activities and impact investing, businesses are contributing towards social welfare. You too can help others while embarking on a fruitful career.

Here we’ve presented some of the options for you to build an outstanding career by helping others.

Join the social sector

You can join the social sector by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work. It’ll open up opportunities to work with NGOs, social organizations, and government departments focused on working in the social sphere. You will get an opportunity to work with the needy people. Moreover, the rise of innovative business models in the social sector will help you gain an immense exposure to learn and grow the industry as a professional.

Apart from helping the needy by providing them with the services they need, you can also empower them by bringing them into the professional fold.

You can contribute to creating jobs for the marginalized sections of the society and help them move out of poverty.


A doctor, nurse, or any other medical professional contributes immensely to the social welfare. Depending on your area of interest, you can follow a career part in the healthcare industry. Right from being a doctor to a lab assistant, there are significant opportunities in the medical field. Even if you’ve a qualification such as engineering, which is not directly linked to the medical science, you can still contribute to this sector through your technical expertise.

Career in education sector

Educating the poor is one of the most efficient ways to help them move above the poverty line. By teaching them, you don’t just give them the fish but rather teach them how to fish. Whether it’s English, Maths, Science, or any other subject, you can immensely contribute by making the underprivileged children’s lives better.

Start a Social Enterprise

Are you an entrepreneur? Why not start a social enterprise. You can pursue your dream of building a venture while at the same time helping the world. Social entrepreneurs address a social concern and generate a profit to sustain their business. Since the social enterprises are financially self-sufficient and don’t depend on charity donations; they are highly innovative.

Also, the rise of impact investing has made it possible that visionary entrepreneurs and investors can join hands to do much more than making an economic profit. Thus, you will never face a shortage of funds to scale your business.

Concluding Thoughts

Working in the social field can be a lucrative and immensely satisfying career. You don’t have to trade your desire to help others with earning money in the corporate sector. Social sector lets you do both. Also, a successful career in the social sector comes with a lot of respect from peers and acquaintances.

By Stefania Dubrovic
Stefania Dubrovic Professional Writer