Government or Private Hospitals: Where to Work after Medical School

After four years of medical school, where to work is another significant decision to make. To join private hospitals or government hospitals is your decision and not any other person. There would be various factors that you need to consider, such as the facilities, the equipment, or salary. So after graduating, you will have to think well and decide. Now is the time to ask, “Where will I work – a private hospital or a government hospital?

Government vs. private hospitals

Government hospitals provide services to the public, thus they are also known as public hospitals. These are medical institutions owned by the government thus gettings its funds from the government. To pay the maintenance of medical facilities, services of medical practitioners and supply of medical equipment, government hospitals rely on the national government’s budget. Private hospitals, on the other hand, are medical institutions funded by private owners, hospital fees, and medical insurers.

Medical facilities and equipment

Government hospitals have very limited funds thus being the reason why medical equipment and facilities lag behind compared to private hospitals. Private hospitals can afford to upgrade medical equipment and improve their facilities so often due to medical service fees paid by the patients. If you prefer to work for hospitals having updated equipment and modern facilities, the private hospital is the place for you. Sufficient funds available also ensure you of the abundance of supplies, clean rooms, and efficient facilities.

Salaries and debts

Fund availability is ensured in private hospitals as compared to government hospitals. This runs through in terms of salary, for private hospitals give higher salaries than government hospitals. When you work in government hospitals, stress is coupled with lower compensation for the services rendered. The stress is brought about by the fact that patients flock to public hospitals due to lower hospital fees and medical rates than private hospitals. With the higher demand, in this case, you will have no choice but to render medical service at the expense of your vacation, time for family or other personal activities.

On a practical side, however, to work in government hospitals is a good means to immediately pay off your debt when you availed of government scholarships for financial support during your medical school days. Even if the salary does not pay much, it helps pay off your student loan in terms of public service. In doing this, you can enjoy doing two things at a time – doing public service and paying off your debt. Who knows you have paid half your student loan while your classmates are figuring out or just starting to pay their extended student loan payment terms.

By Mark Howellpie
Mark Howellpie