How to Become a Pro at Business Travel

Why is it that some people absolutely dread business travel, while others look upon it as an adventure? Maybe it is because the people who hate to travel for business haven’t learned how to make their trips easier, and even pleasurable. Those who don’t mind, or who even actually like traveling for business have a different mindset, because they are seasoned and they know all of the tricks to make business travel easy and enjoyable. Read on to learn about the best of these tricks that will help you to become a pro at business travel. 

  1. Carry-On Bags Only – Limit the luggage you take to one simple carry-on bag whenever possible. This way, you never have to worry about your luggage becoming lost, because it will always be with you. You also don’t have to wait to check in your bags or pick it up when you reach your destination.
  2. Keep a Go-Bag Packed – If your business is one that requires you to do a lot of traveling, it is a good idea to have a go-bag packed and ready to go. It should include shampoo, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a razor, medications, a change of underwear, socks, and clothing, etc. Make sure that you change the clothing items at the beginning of each season.
  3. Fly Non-Stop – Look for non-stop flights rather than direct ones. With direct flights, stops are made, but you are stuck sitting on a plane while passengers are leaving and boarding. Non-stop flights are more costly in most cases, but they are going to get you there quicker so you save a lot of time.
  4. Scope Out Wi-Fi – A lot of hotels don’t have the best Wi-Fi service, so it is important to scope out areas where you are going to be able to connect and work prior to leaving for your business trips. Search hotels, venues you will be visiting, etc., and also find out if there are other places nearby that offer free Wi-Fi. There are always restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King where you can find free wi-fi spots.
  5. Join a Rewards Program – It may not seem like you get a lot of rewards program points when you travel, but if you travel frequently enough, those points are really going to start to add up. Find a good program and stay with it, and receive a variety of perks, including priority hotel rooms, early boarding on flights, first-class upgrades, and more.
  6. Plan Ahead – You can go online to find out the airplane seating plan, where the best seats with legroom are, where the galley is, where to find the lavatories, where the exit rows are, etc. Now may be a good time to upgrade your tech. Sell iPad and upgrade to a new one that has more features that will help you to plan ahead for easy business travel.
  7. Charge Everything – Before you leave for any business trip, make sure that you have fully charged all of the devices that you are taking with you, including your phone and laptop. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination and not be able to use your tech because the batteries are dead. It is also a good idea to invest in a portable charger so you can charge on the go.
  8. Be Well Dressed – The better you look, the better the service you are going to receive. This isn’t fair, but it is the truth. You are going to get much better service if you are dressed well than if you are wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Plus, if do have checked luggage and it gets misplaced, you are already dressed and ready for your first meeting.
By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst