6 Clever Ways Graduates Can Improve Their Job Search

Why some people search for a job for months without results while others get employed in a couple of weeks? Everything depends on your attitude.

A job search is a serious process that demands setting goals, creating a plan, and sticking to it. Regular job hunting in different areas using various approaches is surely challenging but also productive. If you do not want to lose your time, read the instruction below that will allow you to find a job faster.

1. Market Yourself

Inform people around that you are a great professional who is open to offers. It will help you get the attention of potential employers. Online presence is a great way to do that. LinkedIn is a number one tool in online job hunting.

Do everything possible to make your profile more visible for the recruiters. Include offline actions to your personal marketing campaign. For instance, you might visit events related to your profession, make some new contacts during the conferences, or attend job fairs.

2. Keep Developing

While job search should take a significant part of your time, focusing on it too much could cause stress and depression. It might be a good idea to combine job search with the development of new skills. Spend some time on learning new languages, reading books related to your field, or improving your computer skills. It will keep your brain working and the new knowledge might help you to get the position you want.

3. Stay Tuned

It is important to keep participating in the work environment. Consider taking short-term freelance jobs in your field, find an internship or a part-time job in a company you want to work for. It will broaden your experience and will develop your skills. You will also get familiar with the new tendencies and equipment. This way the employer will see that you are active and ready to immerse into the new environment.

4. Get a Well-built Resume

If you have the same resume for years and it still did not help you to find a job you want, it is probably the time to upgrade it.

Make sure your CV is current, well-written, and convenient to read. It should show your strong sides and professionalism. Sending the same resume for different positions is not the best idea. Try to modify it a little for every job. Be sure to take into consideration the goals and needs of the company. The recruiters will surely notice it and that will help you to stand out.

If you still have troubles making your resume, consider using professional resume writing services. What is more, some job seekers have a hard time understanding the difference between cover letter and resume. Make sure you know what application document your potential employer requires.

5. Prepare for a Job Interview

Job interview puts a lot of pressure so it is better to prepare for it. You may practice with your friend or make a video to see how you look. Answer the common job interview questions and pay attention not only to what you say but also how you say it. Your voice and body language are as much as important as the words. Control your tone and the speed of the speech. A straight posture and eye contact may help to look more confident.

6. Be Persistent

Active position during job search shows your enthusiasm. After sending a resume it is essential to wait for an interview invitation. If you are really interested in a position, there is no harm in reminding the company that you approached them. It will emphasize your interest and desire to work. If you did not get a call back after the interview, do not be shy to contact the recruiter and ask about results. It is also important to know the limit. If there is no answer, move forward.

By Remi Morrison
Remi Morrison